Perspective on 2008

I was perusing the net today, and came across an article discussing the Playstation 3 in 2009, and a phrase in the article stuck out to me: “The PS3 has had a mixed year. But at the end of 2008, the Sony console is still in a definite third place, being trounced by the Nintendo Wii and also roundly beaten by its direct competitor, the Microsoft Xbox 360.”

While the second part of that sentence riles me for different reasons, it was that “mixed year,” wording that got me thinking about 2008 in relation to the PS3, but more-so in relation to the industry as a whole this year.

I don’t actually know what they mean by “mixed year.” I own a Playstation 3, and an Xbox 360. On the Playstation 3 end, I’ve enjoyed a large number of quality exclusives, and have been a part of the betas of some of the most anticipated PS3 titles.

I’ve enjoyed

Pixel Junk Eden

Pixel Junk Monsters

Wipeout HD

Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty

Metal Gear Solid 4

Motorstorm: PR

SOCOM: Confrontation

Little Big Planet

Resistance 2

Valkyria Chronicles

I was a part of the Resistance 2 beta, Home beta, Little Big Planet beta, SOCOM: Confrontation beta, and the Killzone 2 beta. All this year! And of course excellent multi-platform titles like Dead Space, Far Cry 2, Burnout Paradise, GTAIV, Prince of Persia, Fallout 3, and more.

Now, my original thinking was along the lines of a Playstation fan. I do most of my gaming on my PS3, but then I started thinking about the games I’ve enjoyed on my Xbox 360 this year as well, like Ninja Gaiden 2, Tales of Vesperia, Braid, and Fable 2 (i’m not a Gears of War fan, so i haven’t played Gears 2, although it’s apparently really good), Left4Dead also, and I had to pause, and put aside my inner fanboy and simply marvel at how frigging awesome this year has been for the gaming industry in terms of quality software releasing in a 12 month span (with the majority of that quality releasing during October and November, but that’s a whole ‘nother editorial, really). I don’t own a Wii, but I still got to play Smash Bros and Animal Crossing, to name only two.

As a gamer, it’s not about sales numbers, or who has come in first, second, or third. It’s about the games. And whether you are an Xbox fanboy, or a Playstation fanboy, or a Nintendo fanboy, there was something to crow about in some way shape or form. The industry as a whole has a lot to crow about, and should really stand up and take a bow at the sheer amount of quality software that hit calendar year 2008.

There are certain years in gaming that really stand out for a gamer, whether it be the epic years of 1997/1998, when we were blessed with classics like Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Solid (Konami was on a roll, apparently), or 2004/2005, when the likes of Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid 3, Half Life 2, Halo 2, GTA: San Andreas, God of War, Ninja Gaiden, etc, all graced our shiny game boxes.

Instead of focusing so much on sales numbers this, and sales numbers that, as gamers, we really should just sit back and soak in the figurative buffet of kickass games offered to us. I didn’t even mention the DS and PSP yet, who have also had a spectacular year in terms of software. It’s unfortunate that I’ve been unable to purchase all of the games on my list, and over the next few months, I’ll be playing catchup, but I’m ready to offer up 2008 as one of the best years in gaming, for all consoles and handhelds.


One Response to “Perspective on 2008”

  1. It’s all the bad media that the PS3 gets that has me fuming. There is no reason for it to be getting the negative feedback that it does. Granted I myself prefer the PS3 over the 360, but that still doesn’t make me forget about the outstanding exclusives other consoles have. Like you said, People just need to sit back and enjoy all the gaming industry has to offer us.

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