Download And Play Savage 2: A Tortured Soul For Free!

Not many people have heard of the Savage franchise, but i think its definitely worth checking out. Savage is a team based multiplayer game where 1 player on each team (the teams being beasts vs. humans) plays as the “commander” in which they build a base like a normal RTS game. Everyone else plays as regular units (Workers/fighters and so forth) where they help build and wreak havoc. I have been playing savage since the beginning and i thinks its an outstanding game. give it a shot!

Savage 2 Official Website


3 Responses to “Download And Play Savage 2: A Tortured Soul For Free!”

  1. that sounds really cool. i’ll have to check it out

  2. Is this a sequel to the HL mod? I remember trying to play that with you and thinking, “Natural Selection is so much cooler.” Although I am too strategically challenged to enjoy RTS games.

  3. No its not a HL mod, it is a sequal to the original savage though. But dont worry about the RTS part, thats only for commanders. I never play commander and i still have loads of fun.

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