Killzone 2: Over-Hyped or Ground-breaking?

Theres no doubt that anyone who claims to be a gamer has heard of Killzone 2.  And there is also no doubt that there is, well, doubt as to whether it will live up to the hype.  The media has been skewering it since the day Sony showed off their target render at 2005’s E3.  Now here we are, in 2008, almost 2009.  And for those of us who have been keeping up with the news about Killzone 2 will have undoubtedly heard the praises on it’s technological achievements graphics wise.  But will that stop the hate?  More after the Jump.

If you hadn’t heard previously, there were rumors going around that Sony claimed that Killzone would be a “Halo Killer” but apparently that was said by one Sony Representative and the media, doing what they do best, twisted it to make a negative impact.  It’s easy to blame the media, and I’m sure Guerilla Games is not happy about what was said (talk about pressure)  So we have a game that had a target render that made it look better than any game ever conceived and the so-called rumor that it was a “Halo Killer.” Can Guerilla pull it off?  I for one can vouch that Guerilla Games will definately be delivering on this game.  From both a gameplay stand-point and a graphics stand-point.  Play numerous rounds in the closed beta and viewing all of the in-game footage my jaw is permanently stuck to the ground.  Now the graphics alone in the multiplayer are astounding.  Hell, they’d be good for just a single player game but the fact that it is 32 players online makes other multiplayer games look like a joke.

I recently got my new issue of PS:TOM and inside had a hands-on preview for the game.  They delved into pretty much a lot of what I have said here but the most intriguing thing that was said in the articles was that in one scene that was shown to the magazine’s staff there were 160 different light sources.  160!  Now many of you might be thinking overkill……me?  I’m thinking immersion.  Being Immersed into the war-torn, hell that is Helghan was the developers main focus.

So, after all that rambling, it’s a safe bet that Killzone 2 will truly deliver.  Below is a snippet from one of the single-player levels, but be warned, may contain spoilers (Note that the video is Preview Code and probably won’t look like the final product):

Watch the video on youtube for the option to view in HD.

Available in the US February 27 2009


3 Responses to “Killzone 2: Over-Hyped or Ground-breaking?”

  1. This game is so gorgeous it hurts.

    Having been in the beta for the past three weeks, I can say that the gameplay on display in the MP most certainly delivers.

    The various videos I’ve seen of the single player campaign leave no doubt in my mind that this game is going to be epic and intense.

    It’s a shame the gaming media is going to tear it to shreds for being “generic,” or for “having repetitive enemies” (nevermind that games like COD4, Gears of War, Halo, and other highly praised FPS titles suffer the same thing). It’s already begun in the gaming media. Just look at 1up’s preview of KZ2 single player. You could literally FEEL them trying to find things to hate on the game. I think they settled for not liking the main character’s new hair and something else equally absurd.

    If anything, as it stands now, Killzone 2 is a testament to what is possible when a developer has a clear, concise focus, and they are given the time and resources needed to execute that focus.

    The game doesn’t have to revolutionize the industry for me. It just has to be a fun game. And from what I’ve played of the beta, it IS.

  2. The gaming media has been such a joke lately, especially those “omg the ps3 is a sinking ship!”… Why?! why all this hate on the playstation brand. I feel bad for KZ2 and GG ’cause their game is gonna get torn to shreds by some dumb media outlet looking to get easy hits on their site. While games like Halo, CoD, Gears, can make the same game over and over again only to get praised to death.

  3. There’s definitely been an unfair grading/expectations curve when it comes to Playstation 3 games.

    I expect that sort of thing from fanboys, but the gaming media itself?

    This petty, spiteful covering of the gaming industry this generation has really got to stop.

    That lack of objectivity is what drove me to create this site, to be honest. I’m not saying I’m a bastion of integrity and honesty, but I want this site to be a place where GAMERS can come and get some news, minus any bias, agendas, etc.

    As a gamer, I want the news, without the filter. I haven’t been getting that from other websites these days (though, naturally, I peruse them anyway. lol).

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