Metal Gear Solid Theme = Plagiarism?

Metal Gear Solid 4, from Konami, Playstation 3, 2008

Classical Russian composer Sviridov produced this theme in 1974 for Pushkin’s verse “Metel”. The song bears a few striking resemblances to Metal Gear Solid’s main theme.

Hear it for yourself below:


Personally, I think there are moments of the song that are similar to the Metal Gear Solid theme, but I also detect a bit of “Frog’s Theme” from Chrono Trigger as well. It’s a beautiful song, and I think Sviridov would be amused that another composer (who apparently had never heard of Sviridov), would craft something equally beautiful 24 years later. Especially with that composer having never heard his music before (allegedly; you can never be 100% certain in these matters).

I’m not sure which theme I like more. They are both fantastic pieces of music. So what do you think? Are the Russians onto something? Do you think a lawsuit is valid? Or is it just one big coincedence?

I don’t actually know myself. The majority of both songs are so different from one another that I find it hard to scream “plagiarism” for a few melodies that are simple.

Source – Youtube


2 Responses to “Metal Gear Solid Theme = Plagiarism?”

  1. I hear the MGS theme in it. But instead of Frog’s Theme I hear as well, I hear Stargate.

  2. namelessshe Says:

    I can’t tell, but I died a little inside. I’d have to hear them both, one after another.

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