Killzone 2 Single Player Impression From (Plus a few screenshots!)

Well, I haven’t gotten a chance to read the whole article yet, but I’m guessing the guy who wrote this article is the pickiest person. Most of his article seems to point out all the negative aspects of the game (which it seems are so tiny that it would take a picky person to find). He did say quite a few good things about the game though 🙂 anyways, click the link to check it out!’s Killzone 2 Single Player Impression


2 Responses to “Killzone 2 Single Player Impression From (Plus a few screenshots!)”

  1. Ah, kotaku.

    they never cease to remind me why i can’t stand their site.

    they ALWAYS point out the negatives in games.

    i’m kind of tired of people complaining about the controls of Killzone 2. i was in the beta for three weeks, and the controls are deliberately tight. they mimicked what it would feel like to weld a heavy weapon, and to move with heavy armor on. it’s very realistic. many folks in the media constantly complain that the game doesn’t feel like Call of Duty 4, or any other FPS, then turn around in the same breath and want to call Killzone 2 the “same ol’ same ol.”

    which is it? do you want Killzone 2 to conform to what other FPS titles have done, or forge it’s own path?

    and what’s with this complaining about not being able to jump over stuff and explore the environment? EVERY FPS title (and other games, honestly), have areas that are simply inaccessible because of game design reasons. they never get called on it, but KZ2 does?

    at this point, it appears as if the gaming media are just LOOKING for reasons to dislike KZ2 after being butthurt from Sony and Guerrilla Games proving them wrong about KZ2’s stellar graphics (no one even DREAMT that they would match that target render. WRONG!). just look at every single 1up preview, spotlight on the game. they just can’t accept that it’s genuinely a good game, and is very different from other FPS titles (which is what the media has been crowing about for the past three years of identical FPS titles).

  2. Yeah, I don’t think this game is gonna get the scores it deserves, thanks to the many sites who are gonna bash the game for the dumbest shit possible.

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