See? Games Do Teach You Problem Solving Skills!

A student at Missouri State University woke up one morning to discovering someone entered his dorm room during the night and stole his Xbox360 console. Using those years of problem solving learned through gaming (it’s possible, right?) he discovered his controller, which was not taken, could still connect to the console.

Fortunately for him, the thief lived in the same dorm. (apparently, this guy needs to brush up on his Sam Fischer/Altair lessons) Using the controller to narrow down the location of his stolen gaming system, he found he could connect on the 4th, 5th, and 6th floor, but not the 3rd or 7th. Using his powerful gaming deduction skills, he found his console on the 5th floor. The student got his property back and plans on pressing charges.

Lastly, the report says after getting his 360 back, he noticed his hard drive had been formatted. I think everyone here might agree the only proper resolution to that could not be provided in any court. Street justice, my friend, street justice.

Source – The Standard Online


2 Responses to “See? Games Do Teach You Problem Solving Skills!”

  1. that is awesome. i bet the dumbass who stole the xbox didnt think of that 😛

  2. why would he steal the xbox and not the controllers?

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