Fallout 3 Patch Released, Trophies Included


So Bethesda surprised the lot of us PS3 owners.  They released the much anticipated PS3 patch for Fallout 3 which includes trophies.  I now know that the Sony gods are laughing at me.  Seeing as how my coffin still hasn’t arrived on my doorstep, I must wait close to 3 weeks (probably more with the holiday’s + new year around the corner) for me to get my refurbished PS3 back.  I now go back to self-pity.  Feel free to pity me as well.  But please do so while obtaining trophies for Fallout 3.


3 Responses to “Fallout 3 Patch Released, Trophies Included”

  1. namelessshe Says:

    I know it shouldn’t bug me. But after beating it three times, I am not too pleased to find out I have to play through yet again for the trophies. I mean I get why they think they have to protect us all from cheaters who download saved games from others. but who cares? So what if someone else might download someone else’s save and get trophies they don’t deserve? I don’t want to have to play through as good and evil, again, to get trophies that do nothing.

  2. Understandable. I beat it once, was satisfied. Wanted to play again, but I knew trophies would eventually come so I stopped. Now, the trophies are out and I have no PS3. I poo on that.

  3. namelessshe Says:

    That definitely puts it into perspective!

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