God of War 3 Screenshots

God of War 3, from Sony Santa Monica, Playstation 3, 2009(?)

Ign has some God of War 3 screens taken from the recent Spike VGA teaser trailer.

Not all of the screens are of the best quality, and it’s possible some were taken off of a TV, so hopefully we’ll get some direct feed screens like Uncharted 2 soon enough.

Some of my favs after the jump.

Kratos. Man, he's scary

More Kratos badassery

Who wouldn't tinkle a little at the sight of this guy bearing down on them?

The God of War himself, Kratos

Source – Ign


2 Responses to “God of War 3 Screenshots”

  1. I want to see more god of war3

  2. namelessshe Says:

    It looks badass. Except for the weird lion gloves he seems to be wearing in the first shot, but that’s just my opinion. I keep having flashbacks to Thundercats .

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