Itsa Me! Free Crap!

SMB Themed Stylus Pack

After being announced in October of this year, Club Nintendo of North America finally went live today, then went down, but then it was back up, then soon went back down, BUT at the time of this writing it is currently online. When buying First party Nintendo games, systems, or select third party games, gamers are given codes which will award them “coins” that can then be redeemed for merchandise from the N.A. specific catalog.

A feature long since seen in Japan and Europe, and earlier this year for Australia, us yank’s will finally get a taste of the free swag others have been enjoying for so long. As of right now, there are only a few prizes worth mentioning, including a Game and Watch Cartridge for the DS and some cool themed stylus packs. But, with the hopes of more games, soundtracks, and other cool items, this is definitly something to watch.


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