Little Big Planet “Festive Level Pack” Coming This Thursday

Festive Holiday PackFestive Holiday Pack

The guys at Media Molecule continue the excellent support of Little Big Planet through some cool holiday themed downloadable content this Thursday on the PSN.

The “Festive Level Pack” includes two new costumes (seen above), Wrapping Paper Create material, Festive Sleigh and holiday lights objects, six new decorations, and a ton of new stickers.

That’s a lot of stuff for the $2.99 asking price.

This is only the first of many “Level Packs” coming from Media Molecule and Sony, so here’s hoping that there’s plenty more in the future.

Actually, as an aside, at the VGAs, I talked briefly with Alex Evens, Co-Founder of Media Molecule, and he told me they just finished wrapping up the Metal Gear Solid pack. Could it be that we’ll see some MGS-themed “Level Packs” in the near future? This LBP and MGS fanboy certainly hopes so!

Source – Playstation Blog


2 Responses to “Little Big Planet “Festive Level Pack” Coming This Thursday”

  1. I WAN THE WRAPPING PAPER ONE! But dammit, I hate paying for model skins……

  2. […] Gear Solid Sackboys Coming to Little Big Planet Am I good or what? I totally called the MGS “Level Pack,” and here it is, confirmed only a few ours later […]

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