Free XBL Game: Doritos Dash for Destruction


Starting tomorrow, XBL enthusiasts will be able to download Doritos Dash for Destruction for free from the marketplace. Dash for Destruction was chosen by popular vote as the winner of Doritos Unlock Xbox Challenge last year and now Mike Borland will see his creation in action on consoles all across America. In the game you play as either a Doritos truck trying to escape a ravenous T. Rex, or you can play as that T. Tex chasing down that truck filled with those tasty, cheesy chips.

In addition to getting his game made, Borland and the other finalists also nabbed a 42″ plasma TV, Limited Edition 360 Elite with 10 games, and a Dolby 5.1 surround sound with pro gaming chair.

The developer responsible for bringing this game to fruition is NinjaBee, whose earlier projects have given us Band of Bugs, Outpost Kaloki X, Cloning Clyde, and most recently, the NXE avatar friendly Kindom for Keflings.


2 Responses to “Free XBL Game: Doritos Dash for Destruction”

  1. oooh if its free, im gonna have to download it 🙂

  2. Im sorry, but after the free Yaris game and now this, I’ve concluded that microsoft will do anything for adverts. I shouldnt be complaining about adverts, I got Pixel Junk Eden free through Spike TV’s VGA contest that was focused on adverts.

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