Runes of Magic Open Beta (It’s A Free MMO!)

So i read about this game on Kotaku. It seems to have quite a huge following. I downloaded it and started playing. It actually took me a while to start playing because i registered on the international website and not the US website. Anyways, if any of you want to try it out and are having problems, leave a comment and i’ll see if i can help. back to the topic on hand, I started playing and this game is actually superb for being a free to download, free to play MMO. The classes are pretty generic, but they added a secondary class system which is very similar to guild wars. If you are a fan of MMO’s i i suggest you try it out. BE WARNED, it is open beta and the servers are down often. Click the link to go to the US website!

Runes of Magic Official US Website


8 Responses to “Runes of Magic Open Beta (It’s A Free MMO!)”

  1. namelessshe Says:

    This is exactly the kind of game I was looking for over the last two months. I’m an install away from checking it out. Thanks for posting!

  2. No problem! i’ve been playing it quite a bit, and im still in shock about how much stuff is in this game! i still can’t believe its free! join my server ๐Ÿ™‚ its the one that starts with an “A” can’t really remember the name. But if you are in game, look for my character named Kritsi ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. just checked the server name, it’s Artemis ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. namelessshe Says:

    I finally found the specs, ( why the heck weren’t they easily accessible on the front page? lol) and it looks like my video card is a shade too craptastic to run this.

  5. wow really? time to upgrade! A decent video card is cheap nowadays ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. namelessshe Says:

    It’s true! I’ll get one eventually.

  7. namelessshe Says:

    So I played a bit; it’s not bad. Really cute. I’m still going through the classes to find one I like, and my only complaint is minor. The controls feel a bit clunky at first (like most games when you start playing for the first time.) It looks promising.

  8. yeah i agree with you on the control part. Im not a fan. But i did get used to it very quickly. thats what i love about being a gamer, i can get used to odd things in a game very quickly. Anyways i hope you enjoy finding your class of choice, i found knights to be very fun. A knight with a priest as a secondary class is almost too easy lol

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