RIP – My Playstation 3

Sad news today, folks. My Playstation 3 decided to die on me. Well, actually, it died on my fiance, while she was playing Fallout 3. Apparently, the fan died, and my system overheated.

Aside from this costing me $161 to repair, Fallout 3 is stuck in the system, and the only thing I have for entertainment now is my 360. Well, that and my PSP. Looks like I’ll be playing Crisis Core for the next few weeks until I get it back.

I bought my PS3 in February 2007, about 4 months after it launched, and never had a problem with it. It was a 60 gig with Playstation 2 backwards compatibility. Here’s hoping that all Sony does is replace the fan, and not send me a non-BC unit.


9 Responses to “RIP – My Playstation 3”

  1. Well now you have joined bodoe’s club. On a good note, he sent his in when he got the box, and a couple days later they are already sending it back. So it wont be long until your back on the ps3 bandwagon 🙂

  2. And they will send you the same system back if they can fix the problem. Seems like 60 gigs are mean after a couple years. And dont worry abut the disc. There is a form that asks you if any software is stuck in it and they ask what it is. $161 is a small price to pay to get back a practically refurbished 60 gig launch PS3. I also think that they clean the inside of all dust an what not, and probably make sure everything else is running fine. HERES HOPING THEY DO!!!!!!!

  3. the problem is that i don’t have $161 dollars to get it fixed! i’m unemployed! i’m hoping i’ll be able to get the money to get it fixed, because it’s really my primary form of entertainment these days. i didn’t realize how much i relied on my PS3 for fun until it broke on me.

    i watched movies on it (DVD/Blu Ray, even, i played games on it, naturally, even PS2 games (i just recently fired up GoW2 again; damn that game is epic), and it upscales it to my HDTV perfectly. since my 360 doesn’t have HDMI (thanks for not making that standard, Microsoft!), i can’t upscale to my set like my PS3 does, and DVDs look like ass. since there’s no web browser, i can’t watch my TV shows on Hulu.

    fortunately, i have my PC hooked up to my HDTV also, so i’ve been using that to watch stuff on. but i’m suffering from game withdrawal. i was so close to finishing Prince of Persia, so i can get to cracking on the review!

  4. I got Prince of Persia for my 360 and i think its great 🙂 can’t wait to read your review 🙂 if u are bored, try out that MMO Runes of Magic i wrote about. Its a pretty good time waster. Graphics aren’t stellar so I’m guessing it will work on most machines out there nowadays 🙂

  5. yeah, i definitely wanted to try out the Runes of Magic game, but i’ve been sick all week, and had to go to the hospital today to see the doctor, and tomorrow i have a dentist appointment. tonight, though, i’ll be doped up on Vicadin and Motrin. lol

    my mom is paying for my PS3 to get fixed as a Christmas present, so hooray for me! i guess i won’t be punching Santa in the nuts repeatedly this year after all.

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  8. I think sony should repair the system for free its there faulty laser. My 60gb died last week i cant believe u have to pay for something you didnt break i think sony just planned to put a faulty laser in the system. but oh well i guess i gotta pay. i doubt i will ever get a ps4 when it comes out in 10 years. i think im gonna get more xbox 360 games since they fix systems for free.

  9. laser?

    i wasn’t aware of any laser problems. the fan on my PS3 died. it overheated and broke.

    they covered me for a year warranty, but i was out of warranty. i don’t have a problem for paying for something if the warranty is up. besides, they sent me a brand spanking new 60 gig, and gave me a 90 day warranty on it. i paid $159 for a brand new PS3. not too bad. the worst part was not having my system for 2 weeks, and losing all my game saves.

    and Microsoft doesn’t fix 360s for free. they have a 3 year warranty for Red Rings ONLY. if the system scratches discs, has video card and audio card failures, or fan failures, you have to PAY for that as well.

    out of all 3 console manufacturers, Microsoft’s hardware is the worst. feel free to not buy a PS4 next time around, but the failure rate of the PS3 is less than 3%, while the failure rate of the 360 is between 16% and 33%. in this case, the larger number is NOT a good thing.

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