Final Fantasy Dissidia and Vicadin

Dissidia, From Square-Enix, PSP 2008 (Japan)
As many of you know, this weekend has not been one of my best.

My tooth issues, my lack of employment, and my broken PS3 nearly crippled my resolve.

However, a few things have happened that have turned the situation into a big positive.

One: My mom, the saint that she is, is paying to fix my PS3 for me, as a Christmas present. Santa has been spared a severe beating thanks to my mom.

Two: I went to the hospital yesterday because of the searing pain my tooth was causing me, and the doctor prescribed Vicadin, Motrin, and Penicillin, with a scheduled date to remove the troublesome tooth in February. All of this at no cost to my broke ass. I also now have medical coverage for a whole year, so any other calamities that may befall me can be taken care of. I’ve never had Vicadin before, so this was my first experience with the drug.

I’m not a big fan of man made medicines. They scare me. But I must say, Vicadin is probably the best thing ever crafted by man. I can see why people love it so. It makes everything feel so…groovy. And yes, I took one before I was driven home from the hospital, and am writing under it’s influence now.

Three: I snagged a copy of the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Dissidia, last night, and I have to say, it’s pretty damn cool. And hard as hell. It could be the combination of me not knowing a lick of Japanese, but I do think part of it is because Square-Enix has been releasing some damn hard RPGS on the PSP these days. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, is another deceptively difficult title on the handheld.

I’m eagerly looking forward to the American release of Dissidia, so I can at least understand what story there is (but honestly, what more story do you NEED, when the game features some of your favorite characters from over 20 years of Final Fantasy history?), but I think I can safely recommend it as an import to FF fans that just can’t wait to try out this fighter.

The controls are responsive, the combat is fast and intense, and the CG cinemas are pretty damn good. The attacks that the characters have are all unique and fun to pull off, and the battle system is a little odd, but in that, “this is different, but i like the direction they took it in, because it’s fresh” sort of way.

Anyway, what a rollercoaster weekend of emotion it’s been, so hopefully this upward trend will continue for me, and of course you all too for the year to come.


2 Responses to “Final Fantasy Dissidia and Vicadin”

  1. Sad news to hear you have been getting beaten up by mother nature. I did some tracking on my PS3 and it is in Fresno as we speak! Actually, it was in Fresno yesterday at 4 p.m. and still hasn’t left. Kinda bugs me that its sitting there and not being shipped to me. Oh well, I should get mine by tomorrow *crosses fingers*

  2. i hope you get it back soon! yeah, it’s been a bitch of a month, that’s for sure. at least the prescription drugs are doing their job; i’m too doped up to be upset! lol.

    so is Fresno where our PS3’s get shipped?

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