Wii hurts 10 people a week.


A new report on fox (reliable source I know) says that, on average, 10 people a week are being sent to the hospital with what is commonly known as “Wii-itis.”There is yet another injury that has been nick-named after the parent loving Wii, it is called “Wii-knee.”  Now, for me, i wouldn’t know because I find the Wii boring and a waste of time.  But for those of you who LOVE to play your Wii, especially Wii fit and some of the more active Wii Sports games be careful.  Especially if you don’t have any insurance. Click the link for more info on this phenomenon.

Source – Fox News


2 Responses to “Wii hurts 10 people a week.”

  1. Fox news? lol.

    I’m just waiting for their story on how the Wii eats babies, steals money out of old ladie’s wallets, and dropkicks hobos on the corner.

    It’s amusing to see how Fox finds new ways to lower whatever credibility they think they have as a news source.

  2. This still doesn’t beat my case of herp-wiis.

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