Guerilla Developer Talks Killzone 2 Voice Features

So Kikizo recently had an interview with Guerilla developer Eric Boltjes about Killzone 2’s voice features. It has your typical voice chat, obviously, but implements something new in terms of strategy.

There is a squad voice chat feature which is fairly common with squad based multiplayer games but they’ve also added a new “proximity” voice chat feature.  “The way it works is that besides the squad channels we’ve talked about you also have a proximity channel, and that’s based on distance and how loud you speak,” said Boltjes. “So what happens is that if you’re talking to your team and an enemy’s nearby, he can hear you as well. It’s a gameplay element in that sense.”

He also comments on how voice chat is becoming bigger on the PS3.  “It’s definitely getting bigger, more and more people are using it, but because Sony and the PS3 don’t give one with the platform itself it’s, yeah, not as popular as on the Xbox 360,” he said. “But we do see it getting bigger and bigger.”

Here’s hoping that the feature is implemented well and takes full advantage of PS3’s Official Bluetooth Headset‘s High Quality mode.

Source – Kikizo


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