Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 2 had game-breaking glitch

Penny Arcade Advetures
For those folks out there that picked up the second episode of Penny Arcade’s “On The Rainslick Precipice of Darkness” RPG may want to hold off playing it until after the new year.

The game has been griefing more than a few users with a nasty little save bug that corrupts your game save, causing the title to freeze at the loading screen when you try to load your save.

Making matters worse is the fact that SCE QA is on holiday until sometime in January, so a patch won’t be making it’s way to our shiny black boxes until the new year.

360 fans are urged to be careful too, as there are also a few reports that this same gitch happens on the 360 version of the title as well.

Source – Penny Arcade forums


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