Cool new gameplay video of White Knight Chronicles

The folks over at Gamersyde have posted a cool gameplay video of Playstation 3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles. The title has just released in Japan, and so far, there is no word on US and UK release dates, although I’ll hazard a guess as sometime in Q1/Q2 2009, as localization can take about 6 months to a year.

I downloaded the 720p version of the video, and was not disappointed. I highly recommend taking the time and downloading that version. Level 5 has become my favorite RPG house over the past 8 years, and White Knight Chronicles is looking fantastic. If there is one game out there that could get me to import it, it’s this one.

Source – Gamersyde


2 Responses to “Cool new gameplay video of White Knight Chronicles”

  1. Yea, that looks cool. I have a 360 so I’m outta luck unless they cross platforms or I go get a PS3. It looks a little like a really cool ‘Star Ocean.’

  2. Sony owns White Knight Chronicles, so it won’t be going multi-platform at any time.

    I have a 360 as well, but I highly recommend for you to get a PS3 at some point in the future. I’ve had mine for nearly two years now, and outside of it breaking on me last week, it’s been a great investment.

    I’ve enjoyed a lot of games for it, and the exclusives on the console are second to none.

    I’ll also eventually own a Wii, once Nintendo releases the obligatory “Wii HD” (you know it’s coming), as the Wii looks like utter ass on my big screen HDTV.

    Happy Holidays!

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