My PS3 is off to repair!

Just stopping in to report that I finally recieved my coffin for my dead PS3 today, and have since taken it to UPS for delivery to wherever dead consoles go to be reborn.

I’m not expecting to get my shiny black monolith back for a few weeks yet (although I’m unrealistically hoping for a end of the week miracle), so in the meantime, I’ll be playing plenty of PSP, and 360. I’m still battling my way through Final Fantasy: Dissidia, and I also have the original two Final Fantasies on the PSP to get through as well. I still have to beat Crisis Core, which I’m a good 25+ hours into at the moment.

I suppose I’ll just make it a Final Fantasy week, and try and beat all of those titles until my PS3 is back.

When it does return, I’ve decided that I’ll chronicle completing every single one of my PS3 games all over again, being as how the HDD has been reformatted, and all of my game date is gone.

Each week I’ll highlight my efforts to re-beat games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on “Crushing,” Little Big Planet, and Resistance 2. To say I’m heartbroken that I was unable to back up all my save files is an understatement, but lesson learned. From here on out, I’m saving all my game date on memory sticks.

Don’t even get me started on the PS2 game saves I’ve lost as well (25+ hours in Rogue Galaxy, and 30+ hours in Final Fantasy XII all gone…*sniff*). I’ll tackle those babies another day, however.


3 Responses to “My PS3 is off to repair!”

  1. Mine died again……..waiting for another coffin

  2. that’s frigging awful. was it the fan again? mine should be on it’s way back soon. hopefully they fixed whatever’s wrong with it.

  3. […] need a demo to tell me how awesome the game is. I’m also a patient person, and there are plenty of things to keep me busy while I wait for that release date in two […]

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