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Prince of Persia “Epilogue” DLC on it’s way in February

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Fresh from ign is the announcement that Ubisoft’s artful new Prince of Persia “reboot” is receiving some new DLC next month.
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Final Fantasy XIII New Trailer

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Final Fantasy XIII currently has a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer up on the official site, and it’s looking damn marvelous.

The trailer is typical Square – lots of gorgeous CG imagery with new heroine “Lightning” kicking ass and taking names, but there is also a nice bit of in game footage showing off some of the environments and battle system.

Final Fantasy XIII is currently in development for the Playstation 3, with a release in Japan sometime this year, and will then begin development on the Xbox 360 after the Japan launch, for a North American/EU release on the PS3 and 360 sometime next year.

Check out the video at the source below. It’s hot.

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“Cancelled” PSN title Rat Race recieves Phoenix Down. Dear God, WHY?

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Rat Race
For some inexplicable reason, the powers that be at Sony have decided to revive the mercy kill that is known as Rat Race.

For those that don’t know, Rat Race was a PSN episodic comedy¬† “game/series.”

To spare you all the torment of looking this game up, I’ll say that it was a poor mans animated attempt at an Office like show, minus the funny. Not even silent chuckle funny. More like, groan inducing, “Meet the Spartans,” funny. That is to say, not funny at all.

The game isn’t completey revitalized, according to developer Super Ego Games (that’s your first warning sign of mediocrity, by the way; when the developer needs to posture with a presumptuous brand name), as it’s apparently “slowly coming out of a coma.”

So what they’re saying is that there is still time to bury a stake in its heart and end this menace for good.

Source – QJ.Net

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage DLC now available on Xbox LIVE

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Hey folks, just letting you all know that the much anticipated Operation Anchorage downloadable content for Fallout 3 is now up and available on LIVE for 800 MS points (about $10).

The content revolves around the defense of an Alaskan base from Chinese invaders, which is mentioned in Fallout games of old, but never seen.

You can expect new quests, items, and of course the new location, as well as a generous level cap raise from 20 to 30. Oh yes, and most likely a nice new set of Achievements to, er, achieve.


Resistance 2 1.40 Patch, and Little Big Planet 2.08 Patch Both Live.

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Little Big Planet
Just letting everyone know that both the Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 patches are up and running.

The LBP patch is supposed to fix your standard bug issues, but the Resistance 2 patch is much more robust, and outlined in full detail here.

That’s really about all, folks! Have fun!

Weekend Special: Killzone 1: A Retro Review/Editorial

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February 27th is going to be a rather big day for Playstation 3 FPS fans. It is the day that Killzone 2 is finally unleashed upon the world in all it’s visual High Defness.

To prepare for this event, I decided to go back and replay not only Killzone 1, but Killzone: Liberation as well. While doing so, I came to some rather startling revelations about the original Killzone: contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t suck.

While this is more of an editorial on the way Killzone 1 is viewed by the masses and the media, I decided to approach it like a game review. I’ll even do it old school style, and separate it into categories. Here we go:

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Resistance 2 1.40 Patch Details

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Resistance 2
Brian Intihar, Community Manager for Insomniac Games has finally laid out the details for the upcoming 1.40 patch for Resistance 2 courtesy of Playstation Blog.

Some of the changes include a complete return of player stats that were set to Level 1 during the reset, bug and Trophy fixes like properly awarding the “Killing Machine” trophy (which is awarded for getting 10,000 kills), updated clan support, and more.

For the full list of changes (and boy are there a lot), check out the link below.

I love Resistance 2, and I’m not even a diehard online gamer, so these changes have me excited, and eager to get back into the game.

The patch will be available on Monday, January 26th.

Source – Playstation Blog