Volition claims Red Faction: Guerrilla Maxes out the Xbox 360; looking to Xbox 720 development

Gameplayer has an interesting interview up with Volition, the folks behind the upcoming Red Faction: Guerrilla.

In it, they discuss the game’s development, and touch upon how much of the consoles abilities they are pushing with the game:

“Gameplayer: So you’re saying that RFG is pushing the hardware as far as it can go? Squeezing every drop of juice out of the Xbox 360?

Rick White: Yeah, we’ve got it to the point where we can’t even put an extra vehicle into a world, because it’ll blow the memory. Every little change we make we have to be hyper-critical about it because it could just bring the whole system down. We evaluate every little change in the game, and then we run our tools on it to make sure it isn’t going to break the game and then we move forward, so it really is about pushing the engine as far as we can, and pushing the hardware as far as we can, and then looking at what is the next set of hardware that’s going to come out. Where can we take it then? You know we’re already thinking about if we had XYZ X number of years from now, what would we do with our engine?”

Whatever you say, Volition. Personally, I believe these sorts of statements when I see them, but there is no denying that the Xbox 360 hardware is aging. Gears of War is still the pinnacle by which 360 games are judged, and it’s over 2 years old. Even the sequel doesn’t up the visual ante as much as expected.

Does this mean the gaming experience is any less? No, of course not. I’m a huge Red Faction fan, so I’m looking forward to seeing what Volition has in store, but I seriously doubt that it’s maxing out anything, what with being a multi-platform title, and little to no multi-plats ever max out a console (the exclusives really push it, like Gears of War and Metal Gear Solid 4).

The full interview is rather interesting, so give it a read at the link below, and remember to take everything you read from any PR person with a grain of salt.

Source – Gameplayer


One Response to “Volition claims Red Faction: Guerrilla Maxes out the Xbox 360; looking to Xbox 720 development”

  1. This has been something I have been saying since late 2007. It’s not to say the 360 is a “slouch” but there is no question it is not going to get any better than what Gears 2 has showed us. So while that is not really a “bad” thing if we have titles that look like Gears 2 but where does that put us for length of gameplay? AI? Additional content? I know the answer, pay for extra DLC…not me I say.

    It’s bad enough multiplatform games for the PS3 get the shaft because of the “create for the lowest common denominator” effect that the 360 arcade has brought to “Next Gen”.

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