Happy Days: My PS3 has returned!

Little Big Planet
Just a heads up that my PS3 is back from repair, and I’m finally able to play it again!

It actually got returned to me yesterday around 6:45pm, but I spent most of the night updating it, and redownloading all of my games. I played a little bit of Prince of Persia and Resistance, but the game I’m going to tackle for this week is Little Big Planet.

I’ll be replaying all of the levels, and re-unlocking all of the hard earned costumes, knick-knacks, and obnoxious tutorials that were lost when my HDD was wiped.

Interesting bit of news, as well. When I opened my UPS box, and pulled out the Playstation 3, I noticed that it was not only in a plastic bag, but was also covered in that nice, shiny plastic film they use to keep it from getting scratched. After peeling off the plastic, I noticed the machine was much shinier and un-scuffed than I remember.

“Yeah, they cleaned it for you,” my fiance said.

Too check on my suspicions, I rechecked the serial number I filled out when I sent my PS3, and just as I thought, the serial number on the PS3 they sent me was different. Yes, ladies and gents, they sent me a brand new, 60gig, fully backwards compatible Playstation 3.

My fear was that my old 60gig would be replaced with a non-bc one, but thankfully, Sony sent me the correct model back. There’s plenty of PS2 games I have to replay as well (all those saves were lost, too, remember).

Needless to say, I’m glad to have my Black Beauty back, as it’s been a rather nerve-wracking 2.5 weeks without it. I never realized how much I used my PS3 for gaming, movies, web-browsing (sometimes I just want to check my mail without having to get out of my nice, warm, comfy bed), and playing old school games (PS1 and PS2, of course).

I was forced to watch my fiance play Fable 2 everyday, and while I enjoy the game, by day 12 I was ready to throw the 360 out of a window.

My PSP kept me busy as I tried to pass the time with FF: Dissidia (still not even close to beating it, even though I’ve sunk over 30 hours into it already), FF: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy I, and Chrono Cross. Speaking of Final Fantasy, if Square-Enix doesn’t release a PSP version of Final Fantasy VI, I will fly out to Japan and storm their head-quarters. My sister lives out in Japan, so I can definitely get there! After seeing Terra in Dissidia, in shiny, PS2 like visuals, I was sold.

If you release FFVI on the DS alone, we’re DONE, Square-Enix. Well, maybe after Final Fantasy XIII, and Versus XIII come out. Then we’re done.

Happy Gaming everyone.

I have a pitch meeting with Cartoon Network Friday morning, so unfortunately I won’t get to play much PS3 as I have a lot of artwork to do in two days time, and we may be slow on news for the next two days, but maybe I can squeeze some game time in between art breaks.

Late Thursday night, however, I’ll also be posting the first ever Select/Start Games podcast that me and some of the guys put together earlier this week. It’s a little rough, but it’s our first podcast, and hopefully just the start of many more.


2 Responses to “Happy Days: My PS3 has returned!”

  1. Awesome! Good luck with Cartoon Network as well!

  2. Yours returns, and mine gets sent out…….AGAIN!

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