Should We Still Hate the Playstation 3?

An Editorial by Figboy

Over the past three years, we’ve seen what used to be a rather amicable ritual known as the “Console War”, degenerate into a series of arguments fueled by review scores, sales data, back-biting, spite, sour grapes, and pretty much everything but a little thing called common sense and reasoning. You expect the fanboys to behave this way; it’s in their nature, they’re fanboys. Thing is, even the gaming media themselves have gotten swept up in this vitriol spewing debacle that is the current state of the “Console War.”

One console over all others has been on the recieving end of so much of that media and gamer hate and bias, that it’s no wonder when its sales numbers fail to match up to its nearest competition, let alone its predecessor! That console is, of course, the Playstation 3.

Don’t get me wrong, there were reasons to give Sony a hard time…3 years ago!

Since then, however, Sony has changed, and that hate should have dissipated, and  yet it hasn’t. In truth, it almost seems like it’s gotten worse, as the gaming media, and gamers at large really seemed to be furious that they were proven wrong on so many counts.

Yes, Sony was arrogant.
Yes, they made asinine, ludicrous statements.
Yes, the PS3 was expensive (if people had no problem paying $450 for an Xbox 360 Elite, paying $400 for a PS3 shouldn’t be suddenly breaking the bank. people paid more than THAT for a WII).
Yes, they showed off a lot of pre-rendered footage instead of actual gameplay.
Yes, the PSN was a literal Ghost Town of content, with weak online features.
And yes, the PS3 had a weak launch line up (although year one games were genuinely very good; Resistance, Motorstorm, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank Future, Folklore, Uncharted, and Unreal Tourament 3. people act as if Lair was the ONLY PS3 title released during 2007, and that Haze was the only PS3 title released during 2008).

The point is that as the PSN improved, as the price of the console dropped from $600 to $400, as the game library increased, as useful features began to see implementation (ie, in game XMB access), as more than just one game began to showcase the console’s capabilities (GT5 Prologue, MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2, Uncharted, Ratchet, and of course, Killzone 2), the gaming media, and gamers at large should have BACKED OFF of the PS3.

It should be beyond it’s growing pains, and “prove yourself stage,” and yet it isn’t.

Instead of celebrating a $200 DROP in the console’s price, meaning it’s getting closer to a mainstream price (and $400 isn’t too bad when you consider all the features it offers; people pay that much for an iPhone, for Pete’s sake), the gaming media instead decided to paint it as a “DOOM AND GLOOM!” Desperation tactic on Sony’s part.

Microsoft cuts the price of the 360 TWICE in one year, even when it’s clearly ahead of its nearest competition by a few MILLION units, and people pat them on the back, instead of calling it for what it was: a nervous twitch on MS’ part, as the PS3, even at nearly TWICE the price of the 360, has managed to half the gap between the competition, and is selling steadily. It even OUTSOLD the 360 for 2007, and kept pace with it for 2008, and who knows, maybe it outsold it in 2008 also.

You have outlets like the Wall Street Journal and the Times predicting the end of Sony and the Playstation because it didn’t sell as many software units in November of 2008 than it did in November of 2007, even though, for nearly 7 months out of 2008, it outsold the Xbox 360! But hey, one bad month, and apparently it’s all over.

Instead of praising Sony’s constant pushing of new IPs and technology (Heavenly Sword, Resistance, Folklore, Motorstorm, Warhawk – it’s an old game, but come on, the last Warhawk game came out in 1995 or something, not many but us old timers remembered that game – Heavy Rain, Little Big Planet, a slew of unique PSN titles like Pixel Junk Eden and flOw, etc), the gaming media and gamers at large point fingers and nitpick the games into obscurity (RIP Folklore and Heavenly Sword sequels; i was really looking forward to seeing how you improved upon the fun gameplay of the originals…).

Instead of acknowledging that outside of a handful of features like cross game chat/invites, the PSN has grown into a viable, bustling gamer community, and has managed to stay FREE for two years and counting, and is gaining on the 360 in terms of subscribers (i believe the last count was at 14 million subscribers for PSN, and 18 million or so for the 360?), the gaming media and gamers at large STILL call the PSN “WOEFULLY INFERIOR” to Xbox LIVE, when, in truth, it’s only missing a few small bells and whistles, but makes up for them in a way with social applications like HOME.

No matter WHAT Sony does to improve the Playstation 3, they will NOT get any credit for it. They will be called copycats. They will be called liars, even when shoving truth in your face -the gaming media and gamers at large will slither like a snake and find a way to turn it into a negative (“well, yeah, Killzone 2 LOOKS good, but how does it PLAY?” *thousands of beta players answer: “It’s really GOOD!”, haters respond: “…well, the original SUCKED anyway! even though i’ve never played it, but 1up said it, so it must be true!”); there’s always a new angle to attack Sony.

Even when they drop the price of the PS3 to $300 this year (believe me, it’s coming this year), they will still say, “well, it should have happened SOONER!”. Even when games like Killzone 2, inFamous, MAG, Heavy Rain, GT5, White Knight Chronicles, etc turn out to be genuinely FUN games, they will cry, “it doesn’t re-invent the genre/gaming as we know it and it doesn’t pack enough of teh innovashunz! 6/10!”

Which is a damn shame.

Talk shit about Sony all you want. they ARE a big, evil corporation that wants nothing more than your money, but the Playstation 3 as a multi-media CONSOLE, is a rather remarkable, excellent device, and doesn’t deserve the hate being spewed its way on a regular basis.

My question to you all is, when is enough enough? Microsoft gets passes on charging for online, and for having a weak 2008 and 2009 lineup (Fable 2 and Gears of War 2, great as they are, don’t make a strong lineup, especially when the competition has titles like MGS4, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, SOCOM, Disgaea 2, Valkyria Chronicles, and in Japan, White Knight Chronicles under it’s belt for 2008). They get a pass for the Red Rings debacle. Even their games get passes when being scored; the media overlooks major flaws like framerate issues, poor animations, sluggish controls, lack of story, weak ending, mediocre co-op in Fable 2, and a lack of any kind of depth in Left 4 Dead, lavishing both games with perfect and near perfect scores, but call out a game like Resistance 2 because it doesn’t have a main character that spouts cliches and chatters the entire time (Gordon Freeman from Half Life is mute, and yet he doesn’t get chewed out for it).

When should you let the past die (CG target renders, high price, arrogant statements), and simply say, “you know what, the Playstation 3 is not the same machine it was 2 years ago, it’s better, and even though Sony boasted a lot about its “power,” games like Uncharted, Ratchet, Metal Gear Solid, Little Big Planet, Warhawk, and Resistance 2 have offered me enjoyale, unique, and also familiar gaming experiences over the past two years, and the future looks even better”?

I don’t deny I’m a big Playstation fan, but when I see other consoles getting free passes, when I can literally sense the tone of a PS3 story on the net being vastly different from the tone of a Nintendo or Microsoft story, and generally toward the negative (check out any kotaku PS3 story, and you’ll see what I mean), when I see such a vast shift in the way the media reports PS3 news, and evaluates PS3 games in relation to the other consoles out there (the Wii gets excuses because it’s not as powerful as the 360 and PS3, the 360 gets excuses because of LIVE, and because most early games were developed on 360 first and ran better; even when Bioshock finally came to the PS3, it was met with many a snide comment about how it came a year later than the 360 version), it bothers me. It frustrates me. I don’t care if the fanboys behave this way, but when it’s penetrating the media, and when they reinforce that fanboy mentality with every. article. they. write. I have to say something, if anything other than to get it off of my chest.

Thoughts? Is the hate for the PS3 still justified, even after 2 years of rather significant improvements? I’d like to hear both sides of the argument in the comments section.


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  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. I want to hate it! But thats like saying i want to hate Christian Bale cause he’s so damn sexy!!!!!!

  3. Wow Fig. Excellent thoughts. I wish I was as calm & eloquent when posting….After moderating for over 7 years at a pretty well known tech & console site which has A LOT of traffic & members; I need to step back, relax & cool off a bit. But what you have said in essence is exactly what I feel and have been trying to portray these last 2 years or so (there & elsewhere).

    It’s not about fanboys, bots or droids (as they will ALWAYS be around & that’s okay). It’s about truth…and how the media has consistently gone for the “headline & hits” to maximize sales/profit/traffic/whatever in lieu of facts & objectivity to their audience. There is no other way to describe it than absolutely deplorable. Their actions will only hurt the market & innovation in the end, and I for one hope it won’t get to that point. As no matter what anyone says the fact is Sony has only offered “more” with consistent innovation and growth in Home entertainment & gaming. Just as their PS1, PS2, PSP & PS3 consoles have ARGUABLY proven over the past 12+ years! So I pose this question to the media and the so called “gamers” out there ~

    How is that “bad”? And why would you want them to not be around?

  4. Hey Fig, could you also post the link to the “Kotaku PS3 story”? I searched for a minute but had no luck and I would like to read it.

  5. doctorstrange Says:

    good article.
    btw at CES Sony said there were 17million PSN users.

  6. “Thing is, even the gaming media themselves have gotten swept up in this vitriol spewing debacle that is the current state of the ‘Console War.'”

    That’s because the gaming media is primarily made up of fanboys.

  7. foolsjoker Says:

    thank you very much for writing this article, I have been wondering myself what has been going on in the media for sometime. It has been so bad that i began to wonder if I was just being a fanboy and supporting the ps3, but logically I knew that SONY has met most of the demands of it’s public yet still gets slammed for things that other games get free rides for. So thank you again for your jounalistic integrity and going with what you believe to be true.

  8. You speak the truth, im a big PS3 fan and also a big 360 fan and yet i see so much biased and sometimes ignorant hate towards the sony console.

  9. I think it stand at 17 million users on PSN and XBL though xbox has more active users.

  10. One thing I will never understand is the “copycat” name calling. Sony didn’t implement these features simply because they saw MS or Nintendo do them. They implemented these features because of overwhelming demand from current or prospective PS3 owners. Yet MS incorporates “Avatars” with absolutely no one asking for them (and quite a few people unhappy with their appearance) to little criticism. Has anyone criticized Nintendo for finally making voice chat? No. Should anyone? NO! This is a consumer driven industry and consumer demanded features (if properly delivered) should be celebrated by all, regardless of whatever silly corporate allegiance a fanboy may have.
    The gaming industry’s standards are constantly evolving. This generation started out with a standardization of internet capable hardware. It must revise itself through software throughout the course of the generation in order to necessitate the next one. Its like one of Darwin’s finches: there can only be so much evolved curvature in the beak before you need to classify the animal as a new species. When rumble came out it seemed almost silly. Now its a standard feature that many would prefer not to game without. I can only hope that many of the feature that fanboys use to prove that “mine is bigger” become standard by the next generation.

  11. is any of the things you listed made hate the PS3 then you are even dumber that you sound

    90% of people who buy games and consoles don’t visit minor gaming sites (IGN and Gamespot were never biased)

    all the fanboy hate and and articles paid by Microsoft didn’t affect the sales, PS3 sold more consoles worldwide thatn 360 on 2008 by a slim margin with double the price on the middle of an economic crisis (imagine the difference on normal circunstances with similar prices)

    blu sales are 400% since last year and people know the PS3 comes with a blu ray player and free online gaming

    and PS3 sold more consoles than the 360 on it’s first two years on the market

    also 360 has no more AAA exclusives coming (spin offs and expansions are not AAA)

  12. truth i feel the same way i don’t belive in the media anymore cause of the things u said they just can’t recognize the good things of the PS3…
    Free online gaming
    Good games
    10+ life time (PS2 proved that sony is capable of)

    damn MGS4,R2, LBP, MotorS etc there are so many good games and the hate still lets live and see i read a interview from a developer of red faction guerrila saying that the 360 its maxed out in a way that they couldn’t add a single car or something like this but the media simply put that aside imagine something like this with sony damn… news papers, TV, spots, kotakus, gametrailers and something else damn shame on them… i the website i hate the most is KOTAKU

  13. You know what, if they do ever exceed in destroying the PS3 and Sony bows out it will be a very sad day, not just for ps3 owners, but for all gamers. Weather you like it or not Sony has pushed the boundaries for console gaming investing development in blu-ray, better processors.

    Do we want to be stuck with little white boxes that take your weight and you can virtual bowling? Do we want to play on sub-standard hardware that breaks down? and games are restricted to what fits on an out-dated dvd Or do we want to play games that push the genre each 10 years and push games as far as they can go.

    Sony’s hardware is leading the way, destroying that will only hurt the whole gaming community.

  14. I almost agree with you… I think the PS3 is a great machine but I was really excited when I bought it, after finishing 3 games I went back to my 360, I don’t hate the PS3 I hate arrogant companies, they decided that because they owned the market last time they were able to do what they wanted… NO YOU DON’T!!!! No new controller, poor on line, too expensive (I don’t think is expensive if you know what it offers but not everyone knows), and finally the one that really pisses me off, Sony has decided not to invest in publicity for the PS3, because of that sales are lower than what they should and some developers are stepping away from Sony.

    I don’t hate the PS3, in fact I love it. But there are many things we can say about the PS3 and Sony. Also many things can be said about MS and they are all over, RROD being the most popular one.

    And for your information I HATE NINTENDO and SPECIALLY my WII, is garbage. They are changing the gaming world… for bad. I hate the Wii

  15. Finally,some intelligence.I’ve been fighting the same corner for a while.I own all 3 and the ps3 is the best this gen and ironically,easily Sonys best console(hardware.ps2 had amazing software line up).

  16. i think holding a company to it’s arrogance even AFTER it starts to deliver is simply sour grapes.

    like i said in my article, Sony WAS arrogant, cocky, egotistical, prideful, etc.

    the PS1 sold 110 million units. the PS2 sold 130 million and COUNTING. they are the two bestselling consoles of all time. i’d be prideful too. that isn’t an excuse, by the way, simply a fact. if something you birthed went on to that much acclaim, you’d be a proud mama/papa also.

    anyway, Sony is a big company, they want our money. they will do and say what the must to get that money, but what Sony has shown since 1995 and the release of the Playstation is that they can, and WILL deliver quality content to keep you coming back and spending that money on THEIR products and services.

    how many gamers burned by the Red Rings will be so eager to jump into the next Xbox console Microsoft releases? even the PS2’s Disc Read Errors weren’t at 33% (17% was that number, by the end of year one, Sony had fixed the issue, and the DRE issue was within industry norms. MS STILL has an above normal Red Rings failure issue, going into the 360’s 4th year).

    the PS3 had a rough start, but by the time the PS4 rolls around, consumers won’t be thinking about the poor launch of the PS3, or the high price, or sparse launch lineup, they will be thinking about all the great games they’ve played on the PS3, and the reliable hardware they’ve received over the years.

    Sony has said many an arrogant thing over the past 14 years. do any of you REMEMBER the things they said about the PS2 back then? why aren’t they still being held to THOSE arrogant comments?

    i’ll tell you why: because the Playstation 2 DELIVERED. games like GTA3, MGS2, DMC, Shadow of the Colossus, and so many more proved the PS2s worth.

    but this time around there’s something different in the air. even when games like MGS4, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Ratchet and Clank Future, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, and Killzone 2 prove the PS3’s worth, people REFUSE to give credit where it’s due, and admit that they were WRONG about the PS3. people are still throwing “Sony’s arrogance,” in their face, despite backing up those claims with games like what i mentioned above?

    when will it be enough? when will Sony have done enough penance? enough “Hail Marys?”

  17. Fanboys are one thing, and you can’t really stop that. However, I agree that there is a permeating — almost sinister — hate for the PS3 within the gaming media. There are very few sites and very few journalists that I feel honestly portray the PS3. Why is this? I don’t know. I think it’s because there’s no standard for integrity. When we have Gamespot’s Kane&Lynch debacle or the expensive “swag” costing 100s of $$$ sent to reviewers as they reviewed Halo 3, or journalists saying outright incorrect statements about games (like a recent Killzone 2 preview), it’s hard to take journalists seriously. Yet, they have no one to answer to. They can say what they want. They can write as many “PS3 is teh DOOOMZ!” articles and no one calls them out on it save those who might comment below their article.

    I blame Microsoft. Yes, I do. It’s not because I’m a big Sony fan. In fact, I owned an Xbox last gen and my first Sony product was a PS2 I bought 18 months ago. I blame Microsoft because I am familiar with their business practices over the past 20 years in other markets. Name ONE thing Microsoft brought to the video game industry: you can’t. Microsoft doesn’t innovate. They buy. That’s it. Halo. Gears. Ninja Gaiden. Banjo Kazooie. All of these games are made by 3rd-parties or devs purchased by Microsoft. It’s fine for people to like the 360. As a console, it’s great, but the company behind the console is horrible. Even Microsoft’s own PR statements tend to smear the PS3 in some way, shape, or form. When you have the executives of a company acting like fanboys, it’s no surprise that fans of the system are going to behave the same way. You can call Sony arrogant, but they’ve never behaved as fanboyishly as Microsoft.

  18. I 100% agree GWAVE but ultimately no matter how true your statements are somehow people overlook and tend to forget one simple fact….the proof is right there in front of their eyes with how Microsoft got their start in the first place. If that doesn’t describe how MS does business (and how they have continued to do so with no change in their actions) then I don’t know what will.

    That is the difference between MS & Sony.

  19. I think people just want to see SONY fall. They want the company that brought gaming to a new era to just go away. Its not going to happen. The PS3 isn’t going to suddenly die. It has two other platforms supporting the PS3 if you haven’t noticed it yet. a PSP cost’s around 140 to produce just 1 unit and they sell them for 169-199. A PS2 costs 60 dollars to produce and they still sell it at around 125. Now there is a third platform supporting the PS3 and that is PS Home. Believe it or not it is also accumulating revenue for the PS3. Fanboys can believe what they want but the truth is that the PS3 is not going to just up and die overnight. Hell no.

    Unless somehow everything PlayStation stops selling then they will die out. But is that happening? NO! Is it starting to? NO!

    And just as the article says the main stream media is not looking at the big picture. They take 1 small fact and exploit it in a negative way which is sickening. I have so many sites on my ban list that its not even funny!

  20. Excellent article figboy but unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears. This hatred is stronger than smoke right now.

    My theory of this hatred stems from bitter XBox, Dreamcast, and Nintendo fans. We have to remember that Sony dominated two generations of gaming. You couldn’t get any games on other systems unless it was on the PS2. I think these fans were really angry at Sony’s success and felt that the PS3 killed off their favorite systems. That anger then mutated into hatred and passed on when the PS3 came out.

    I don’t defend Sony because I’m a fanboy (or girl because I am a female). I defend Sony because they don’t deserve this. Yes, they were very arrogant and cocky in 2007 but I think they’ve been punished enough. People shouldn’t pile on top of them like that.

    Anyways, I’m enjoying my PS3 and I recently got a few more games and a PSP.

    Cannot wait for what Sony has in store for us gamers.

    Killzone 2 ahoy!

  21. Whoops, I meant PS2 there. :<

  22. razyshady Says:

    good article dude.

    I love my ps3 man…. and I could care less what other people think.

    I cannot wait for all the crazy ass games to drop this yr.. including the multi console ones.

    It should be a good year for sony!!!

  23. [Anonymous] Says:

    ps3 has no games

  24. Well as far as the copy cats go, trophy is my only complain about it, ps3 fans are always bitching about not buying a game because it does not have trophy and misses great game like valkyria chronicles and disgea 3, IMO if you bought a ps3 game for trophy, or trophy justify your reason for buying
    X game for Y game you obviously picked the wrong console

  25. i definitely agree that there are some mighty angry Nintendo, Dreamcast, and Xbox fanboys out there just chomping at the bit for the Playstation brand to die, but what i think they forget is that the Playstation brand SHAPED the modern day gaming industry.

    there would be no games like Halo, Gears, Metal Gear Solid, etc, without the success of the Playstation consoles.

    the Nintendo and SNES sold 60 million units each, most of them being my generation; the 6 year olds who begged their parents in 1985 to buy them that Nintendo they saw advertised on TV, and that 12 year old in 1991 who begged their parents to get them that SNES so they could play the NEW Super Mario World that came out.

    my generation backed the Playstation brand, but the Playstation brand also managed to do what the NES and SNES COULDN’T do: make gaming mainstream.

    it was no longer niche to be a gamer.

    i remember being TEASED and RIDICULED by my classmates for loving gaming. nowadays, you have Mario and Zelda shirts being sold in Hot Topic, and worn with pride by 15 year old sheep.

    yeah, i had the ORIGINAL version of that shirt, and couldn’t even wear it to school without being called names.

    because the Playstation opened up gaming to everyone from the “cool kids” to celebrities, the gaming market has been able to push technology further and further each generation.

    the Playstation birthed the Xbox. the Dreamcast. the Gamecube.

    but the haters only see how badly the PS1 and PS2 spanked the competition last generation.

    so many of them never even TOUCHED a Playstation 2 console because of their pride and hatred, so they don’t understand why we get excited when a new Ratchet and Clank, Killzone, Twisted Metal, Gran Turismo, God of War, etc gets announced. or when a new game from studios like Sucker Punch (Sly Cooper, inFamous), Insomniac, Naughty Dog, etc, reveal a new title.

    they see screenshots and videos of games like God of War, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, but they don’t understand the gameplay that has us Playstation fans clamoring for more.

    their pride and hatred get in the way of them being able to view those Playstation franchises objectively. unfortunately, many of that “Xbox generation” have gone into the gaming media at sites like kotaku, 1up, ign, joystiq, and they bring with them that bias.

    the rise of the internet blogger scene means anyone with a mouth (yours truly included), can spout off their opinion and millions more people with like-minded views will listen.

    read the comments on a negative kotaku PS3 post. just about ALL of them are in support of whatever vitriol kotaku happened to be spewing in their story. same with joystiq, ign, and 1up.

    like minds gather together on the net. it’s just a shame when the balance is shifted in favor of one console over the other.

    i don’t want this site to be anti-anything. well, maybe the Wii, but i just can’t get over how Nintendo gave me the big F.U. with the Wii (i’ve been a gamer since 1985, and i was 6 years old. i’ve owned the NES, SNES, Game Boy colors and Advances/SPs, and the Gamecube; i’ve loved Mario, Link, and Samus sense i first laid eyes on them, but they have said fuck you to me, and the gamers like me that put them in the position they are in in the first place), but i have no real problems with having some excellent competition from Microsoft to shake Sony when they need it.

    this article was more me saying, “Sony has learned their lesson, it’s time to move on and give them credit when they do something right.”

    but right now, in the gaming media, and message boards and forums alike, we still have people spouting nonsense like “the PS3 is too expensive.” “the PS3 has no games.” “the PSN is woefully inferior to Xbox LIVE” and so on and so forth.

    Sony seems to be damned if they do (Killzone 2 proving the masses wrong, lowering prices, improved PS3/PSN features, Trophies, etc), and damned if they don’t (no cross game chat, no headset included in every unit, no HDMI cable included in every unit, etc, showing trailers for games, instead of gameplay, etc).

    i’m sure if it wasn’t for the fact that the haters are only a small minority making big waves across the net, they’d just say “fuck you all,” and call it a day.

    there is NO way Sony would have gotten away with releasing a faulty, HDD-less console, with a ton of expensive peripherals like MS has.

    there’s no way that Sony would have gotten away with releasing only TWO big titles last year (Fable 2 and Gears of War 2; Ninja Gaiden 2 is good, but the series has never been blockbuster status), and passing off DLC like it’s the second coming.

    there’s no way Sony would have been able to live down comments like,

    “you’ll never see 1080p games this generation.”
    “HDMI isn’t necessary this generation.”
    “HOME is 2005 technology in 2008” (360 launched in 2005, did it not? i’m confused here, MS)
    “DVD is enough for games.”
    “We give consumers CHOICE,” (that’s why they have to PAY for everything from online gaming, to battery chargers, to hard drives, to Wi Fi adaptors, to HD DVD add ons that are obsolete now, etc)
    “Blu Ray is not necessary for games.”

    after being proven wrong time and time again. and yet Microsoft gets free passes on this.

    it’s absolutely unreal, the double standards and hypocrisy running rampant this generation in the gaming media, and i’m personally fed up with it.

  26. When you are afraid that you are inadequate, the best way to make up for it is to attack the competition. Both Sony and Microsoft do this to some extent, but mainly what I see is Microsoft beginning to run scared while Sony quietly builds a great experience that looks like it will surpass the 360 in the near future.

    It’s true that none of the arguments Microsoft is making against the PS3 hold up to any kind of serious scrutiny. Microsoft gets a pass on lots of things it shouldn’t. It’s part of the perk of their brand. They are allowed to be so out of touch with consumers that they can run ads that make no sense, aren’t funny or insult your intelligence. They can have huge quality control issues with their hardware. They can have HORRID customer service and get away with it. They can even be caught in the out and out rip-off of KNOWING THEIR CONSOLES RUINED DISCS AND DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT BEFORE LAUNCH and strangely no one cares. But, make no mistake, it WILL catch up to them. In many ways, it has already begun to do just that.

    One of the best moves I think Sony has made with the PS3 was to say “look, we’re giving you a ten year commitment to this thing. In those ten years, we will do everything we can to make it the best there is. You WILL get your money’s worth. And when you are ready to move to the next phase, you will be glad you owned a PS3, just like you were glad you owned a PS2.”

    I think my PS3 has been worth every penny I spent on it. It FEELS like a high end device. If I owned an Xbox, I’d just be afraid it would RROD all the time. EVERYONE I know who owns one has had it go to crap on them. That’s pathetic.

    Microsoft is just winning the PR war at the moment. But, my feeling is that in two or three years- if Sony can hang on and continue to build this thing, the console war will look VERY different.

  27. David Macphail Says:

    Excellent article, as for the PS3 vs 360 sales data for 2008 – the 360 definetly won overall. However that was only due to the fact that Microsoft cut the price in September.

    As for Microsoft getting a free pass on all of it’s faults, i kinda have to agree with that. The Xbox 360 WAS heavily ridiculed for the RROD debacle – however if the PS3 had a 33% failure rate – i’d agree it would have recieved far more hate and criticism the the 360 did.

    As for the 360’s games getting free passes in reviews – let’s be honest – nobody really expects the Xbox 360 software to match that of the PS3. That would be like comparing a teaspoon to a supercomputer. There’s no doubt that PS3 software is, by nature, FAR ahead of anything the 360 will ever be able to produce. The problem with this is that, as a result, reviewers tend to have far higher expectations for PS3 games as opposed to their 360 counterparts. Gears 2 had horribly jagged graphics (Compared to MGS4 or Uncharted) and a lame – o story but what did the reviewers think? “What do you expect? It’s a 360 game for Pete’s sake. The very fact that you were able to get past the press the start screen is an accomplishment by 360 standards – 93/100!”.

    Is it fair? No. Is it deserved? Again, no. Is it Sony’s fault that their console is the only one capable of creating decent software worthy of the hype? Absolutely not. The problem is that because the PS3 is capable of revolutionising the way we play games the media expects EVERY SINGLE PS3 TITLE to do this. If it doesn’t, it get’s mixed reviews.

    I think the problem today is that the media were embarassed by the PS3 and that’s something they don’t take too well. Because of the PS3’s early “Teething problems” many industry “Professionals” were predicting the PS3 to be officially cancelled after just one year on the market. In fact, after 1 year on the market not only was the PS3 still here but it was eating away at Microsoft’s market share like Pac – Man on prozac. This caused the media to realise 2 things:

    1 – Sony knew what they were doing right from the start and the Xbox 360 was doomed from the second the PS3 hit retail shelves.

    2 – The media were complete idiots for ever believing anything otherwise (Sony have dominated the console market every generation they’ve been in it! Why would they suddenly release a blunder of a machine out of nowhere?).

    Like i said, this didn’t sit too well with the media who are now jumping on every little hiccup to bash the PS3 mindlessly.

    They’re looking at the fact that the Xbox 360 owns a meagre single – digit market share in japan despite being the cheapest console on the market, the fact that there’s an extreme lack of 360 exclusives in 2009, the fact that the PS3 is selling in huge numbers despite it’s high price tag (Does anyone really think the 360 would sell at £299? Not with last – gen software it won’t) and they’re thinking to themselves “How could we have been so ignorant?”.

    The media backed the wrong horse and now look like idiots, it’s gonna take awhile for them to get over that. Maybe once the PS3 starts to outsell the 360 AGAIN they’ll stop writing BS articles.

  28. […] Here’s the best article on the subject I could find. Still pro-PS3, but seems very reasonable. […]

  29. I agree with that figboy. Without Sony and Nintendo, we wouldn’t be seeing 360’s or XBox’s period. I have said this plenty of times. I thank Nintendo and Sony for dragging me into the world of gaming because without those two companies, I wouldn’t even played all the awesome games I’m playing now.

    Unfortunately, I think this hatred will get much worse than this.

  30. And well said GWAVE. You see, I don’t hate the 360 entirely. I think it’s a good system in terms of software. But I don’t think I will ever buy one, more matter how good the software is, because of the failure rates. I also do not like Microsoft’s tactics.

    Now, people may say all PR’s talk down their competition but Microsoft takes it far to the point they merely become fanboys. They don’t conduct themselves in a professional manner, which is why I always speak against them. They’re turning this console war into a race.

    Who can sell the most consoles in a year?
    Who can sell the most software in a year?

    And in turn, 360 fanboys allow themselves to be blinded by this. It’s really, really pathetic and sad.

    One should not wish for Sony to leave, unless they want to play the same rehashed crap over and over again.

  31. You, me and MANY other people out there too agree 100% Fig. As described earlier in here I am a moderator at a site with over 700,000 forum users, WELL over a million hits per month, nearly 4 million posts in total – 1 million of those JUST for our console sections alone!…and I have been standing my ground explaining how wrong people are WITH VERIFIABLE FACTS not just opinion. I can honestly say that more so than ANY other time EVER just in the past 2 years compared to the last 7 in total!

    I have said it before and will say it again. Fanboys & posts that are misinformed are fine and could be dealt with. But when it’s in the mass media with no standards to adhere to or disciplinary actions to be found….it’s utterly sickening how objectivity, pride, dignity and “reporters/reviewers” & news sites credibility & reputations have been thrown out the window. And the ultimate sad part is they are only hurting themselves…..when the shit hits the fan I will be there to point and laugh while saying “I told you so…and you have NOBODY to blame but yourselves”. The vindication will be nothing short of epic.

    There is no better way to describe what that day will feel like than what my FAVORITE PS3 commercial emotes ~

  32. veni vidi vici Says:

    seems most of these comments agree with u fig, so ill give u the other side of the argument. First off i’ve had my 360 for 2 years, i bought a metal gear bundle PS3 back in june and still havent opened it. I dont hate or dislike sony in fact when i buy electronic i usually get sony items. In fact the only sony line i dislike is the playstaion brand

    Anyway where to start i guess Xbox live probably 360s greatest feature is more than just a few bells and whistles ahead of PSN, and thats why they get away with charging for it. Sure there was a hic-cup in the service last christmas but thats nothing. Compared to the Socom launch or GTA4 or MGS4 online issues when they launached. Its one of main reason i havent opened my PS3. I dont want to down grade my online experience even if its free. i shouldnt have to say any more than look at Socoms launch. Home is in beat indefinatly, whats the point. its myspace for PS3 owners. Its no where near what they announced it as 2 years ago. I bought my 360 to play games so all this talk about Home and Folding at home and blu-ray is all extra stuff i dont need or want really. blu-ray is nice but it is not necessary. It doesn’t do anything to improve my gaming experience. Built in Wifi seems to be a big deal but im not gonna cry over having to pay 100 dollars for an adapter if dont wanna hard wire it right to the router.

    It seems every thing sony does and announce fails to come out on time and then fumbles the ball when it does. Almost 4 years for KZ2 to look the way it does. Do u wanna wait four years for the next LPB2. MGS5, Resitance 3, Motor Storm3?

    PSN couldn’t handle Socom online yet its gonna tackle MAG’s 256 players, hell i cant wait for KZ2 to launch i wanna see if the servers can handle a million people. Gran Tursimo 5, Heavy Rain, Infamous, God of War 3, how many of these are actually gonna launch this year? I think people are just tired of Sony not delivering on their promises (Haze anyone ok thats cheap, 2human was just as bad) Im sure killzone2 will be great and im a hardcore shooter, If it was launching on 360 i would buy it on launch day but i probably still wont open my PS3 to play it, so i doubt to many people are gonna run out and buy PS3s just to play it. Ill try it at my friends house.

    XBOX and the RROD, that seems to be the only thing PS3 has on 360 reliability. But if my 360 tanks ill just return it to the store and get a new 1 in a few housrs, i dont see the problem, if your dumb enough to send it back MS thats your problem. I think that makes Sony the maddest that people will keep buying 360s red ring after red ring rather than jump ship.

    There are probably a million spelling errors and what not. I dont know if even answered a single question but i tried. i work with a Playstauion fanyboy and we argue all day even my bosses ask it the conole war is over yet. His biggest argument is the PS3 is a BMW and 360 is a honda, i say they both get u from point a to point b BMW just has a bigger price tag and a buch of unecessary features like 3D gaming. sigh fell free to bash me maybe ill respond

  33. ur totaly wrong veni vidi vici and ur being somehow stupid cause ur saying u prefere to play FFXIII with 7 DVDs instead of one single BD? and u say BD its not necessary? wi-fi its not necessary i have nothing to say to u cause u can’t be helped time will help u… but i feel sad for u cause u don’t want to see and accept the truth in front of u… cause of your fanboysm…

  34. @veni vidi vici

    “In fact the only sony line i dislike is the playstaion brand”
    ~ Seems quite a bit odd? If you are about playing games then you really shouldn’t have such a big issue with the PS “brand”.

    “Anyway where to start i guess Xbox live probably 360s greatest feature is more than just a few bells and whistles ahead of PSN, and thats why they get away with charging for it.”
    ~ That is your opinion and that’s fine but it’s far from fact. There are only a few bells and whistles that differentiates them and being free makes up 100 times over for any part of being supposedly “less”.

    “Sure there was a hic-cup in the service last christmas but thats nothing.”
    ~ There was more than just “1” Christmas lets be honest and tell the truth.

    “Compared to the Socom launch or GTA4 or MGS4 online issues when they launached. Its one of main reason i havent opened my PS3. I dont want to down grade my online experience even if its free. i shouldnt have to say any more than look at Socoms launch.”
    ~ If you haven’t even opened it up yet to try it how can you ACTUALLY say it’s a “down grade”. It’s DIFFERENT that’s all. That is where I see the issue is to you. Also you single out these games but why wouldn’t you bring up the continual issues that Gears 1 had when launched and currently again with Gears 2? Seems a bit unfair to me, double standard is befitting here. As well as to say that you downgraded your experience having to deal with RROD. But that’s okay though right? :rollseyes:

    “Home is in beat indefinatly, whats the point. its myspace for PS3 owners. Its no where near what they announced it as 2 years ago.”
    ~ So don’t use it. It’s not a mandatory thing for everyone. It’s that simple of a fix as it won’t or doesn’t affect your accessibility or experience using the PSN for gaming or media. It’s an ADDITIONAL option IF you would like to experience it. That’s all. No need to NOT use a PS3 because of it.

    “I bought my 360 to play games so all this talk about Home and Folding at home and blu-ray is all extra stuff i dont need or want really. blu-ray is nice but it is not necessary. It doesn’t do anything to improve my gaming experience.”
    ~ Again Folding at Home is an OPTION. NOT mandatory. It will not affect ANYTHING you do or would like to be able to do. Your “argument” is just complaints that don’t have ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING actually. Nothing more. Nothing less. But you are sorely mistaken in believing that BD does not “improve your gaming experience” and there are multiple reasons why this is wrong.

    1) Up to 7.1 surround sound capabilities.
    2) More expansive worlds because of the increase in disc size available to devs
    3) More detailed & graphically stunning worlds also for the same reason
    4) Length of gameplay time also for the same reason

    Now that is just off the top of my head and I know there are some others that can be added. Now that is not to say ALL games give you this, but LOTS of games do offer some of these and the availability to have this in the devs repertoire is ALWAYS an added benefit for their imaginations and can only HELP the industry not restrict & stifle it like a DVD9 does.

    “It seems every thing sony does and announce fails to come out on time and then fumbles the ball when it does. Almost 4 years for KZ2 to look the way it does. Do u wanna wait four years for the next LPB2. MGS5, Resitance 3, Motor Storm3?
    ~ So because of a couple of games that had some issues you label ALL as a problem…I see where this is going. You are trying to justify your “view” by associating misinformation to make it larger than what it really is. You are truly misinformed. Care to explain how I have been waiting for KZ2 for 4 years when I have ONLY had my LAUNCH DAY PS3 for 2 years? Hhhmmm, because it sure as hell doesn’t make ANY sense to me!?!?! Also are you that blind to assume that it would take the same amount of time to make another product after all the research, time and dev has already been put in? And how new tools that where and ARE made along with shared across Dev’ers to simplify and speed things up? You point is flawed right form the start anway since even using YOUR own examples of Resitance and Motorstorm are proven WRONG because both where launch titles and both came out towards the end of 2008 not even 2 years later! So I ask you this also HOW IS IT WE HAVE TO WAIT 4 YEARS?…We don’t. you are just making up excuses to make yourself seem right and feel good about your bias.

    “If it was launching on 360 i would buy it on launch day but i probably still wont open my PS3 to play it, so i doubt to many people are gonna run out and buy PS3s just to play it. ***Ill try it at my friends house.***
    ~ Seems a bit contradictory to me. Why have a “supposed” PS3 in an unopened box? Something just doesn’t add up here people…

    “XBOX and the RROD, that seems to be the only thing PS3 has on 360 reliability. But if my 360 tanks ill just return it to the store and get a new 1 in a few housrs, i dont see the problem, if your dumb enough to send it back MS thats your problem. I think that makes Sony the maddest that people will keep buying 360s red ring after red ring rather than jump ship.”
    ~ Your bias is clouding your judgment because you absolutely fail to see a problem with that whole comment. It is absolutely mind boggling that you, along with MILLIONS of other settle for less. Thank God I have higher standards and the ability to see a peice of shit hardware product and call for what it is. It is shameful to see people giving excuses for the worst hardware built gaming console in the history of electronics.

    To end I have to say this….I see lots of excuses NOT to use a PS3 but yet you supposedly own one that hasn’t been even opened up yet…that’s a first! A Playstation owner is not the same as a Playstation USER and you are going by what you READ other than ACTUALLY experiencing & trying out for yourself? Not a very smart way to make a “comparison” and come to certain conclusions & judgments. But it seems that wouldn’t matter as your mind is CLEARLY made up (you not even opening to TRY it is evident and proof of that). But hey, in all honestly that’s fine, that’s your “view” on it and it doesn’t matter in the end. Your the “gamer” right? So game on your 1 console since you don’t actually have another since “it’s still in the box” and not even being used.

  35. veni vidi vici Says:

    First of all of course its my fucking opion what else would it be oner001,

    fig asked for both sides i just gave him my view on things so stop crying. KZ2 was first showed at E3 05 its now 09 thats almost four years so thats how u have benn waiting four years. Its not because of a few issues its because of issues with all there big stuff. I never said i was PS3 player i just said i own one, sorta like how PSN has 17 million accounts not users. I try all PS3 big titles (shooters anyways) at my friends house when they come out none have moved me enough to open my PS3. I have been on PSN at a friends houses that how i can say its a downgrade.

    Im not to trying to argue with u i was just pointing out reasons there is so much sony bashing going on. Sony is trying to push the PS3 as the ultimate Home Media experience, but the fact is most people buy gaiming consoles to play games, so any functionality other than that is a unecessary bonues. And when it comes to the games, depending on who u ask they both are better than the other. KZ2 and MGS4 might be graphically superior, but theres more to it than just shiny graphics.

    BluRay-i havent seen to many games get knocked for not having to 7.1 sound. COd 4 is the same game with 5.1 or 7.1
    MGS4 is the only game thats comes to mind when thinking of disk space, and thats more of a movie with some game play in between.

    As for u idiot or whatever ur name is. Wi-fi isn’t necessary thats why thier is a ethernet port on the back or the 360 genius. And i have never bought a game that came on more than one disk ( idont play rpgs). Even still i dont see how a game being on multiple disks makes it any worse.

    again sorrry for any spelling errors im sorta in a rush. i kind of like this site, i just found it the other day, glad u dont have to register to post, so ill be back

  36. Yes it is YOUR opinion but that is why it is NOT factual. Most of what you said was your “opinion” based on other peoples views and maybe some of your own but where still ultimately misinformed, incorrect or down right false.

    That is the difference.

    And who the hell is “crying”? You end your earlier comment with “sigh fell free to bash me maybe ill respond” and when someone replies to correct you, you get all pissy about it…that sure sounds like your the one “crying” here to me….

  37. Veni vidi vici is a prime example of a bonefide Xbot, the type of people that sways the media to what it is now…Microsoft dick riders. Xbots are like in an abusive relationship.

    “My 360 RRODed on me, but its not their fault its mine.”
    “My 360 scratched my brand new disc but its not Microsoft’s fault, its mine.”

    Those above lines are like the equivalent to the following lines…

    “My boyfriend hit me and knocked my tooth out, but its my fault not his.”
    “My boyfriend rapes me but its not his fault, its mine. I belong to him.”

    See where I’m getting at?

    I 100% agree with Figboy and everyone who posted here who isnt Veni vidi vici. This Sony hates needs to fucking stop. And Microsoft is the anti-Christ to videogaming industry.

  38. wait till its hacked wide open like most of the other consoles on todays markets then see the sales take off:)

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