Non-News: Little Big Planet has now been re-conquered

The latest update from the Non-News Department reports that I have officially re-beat Little Big Planet today. I also tackled the awesome Metal Gear Solid Level Pack for LBP, and am brain-storming a new level that utilizes the awesome Paintinator gun.

For those wondering why it’s important that I re-beat LBP, in short, my PS3 broke, my HDD had to be wiped, and I couldnt back up my save data, meaning I lost all of my game saves, and I have to re-beat all of my PS3 titles again (I think I may just download game saves for my PS2 and PS1 games).

It was fun tackling LBP again, however. The rest of the games on my current “To Do…Again List” are:

Resistance 2


Fallout 3

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty

Heavenly Sword

Metal Gear Solid 4

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (reluctantly, but what can i say, it’s  decent enough game, and i love Spider-Man)

Those are just the start games, and there are more older ones I may tackle again (like Ninja Gaiden Sigma and GTAIV). Well, at least I can knock Little Big Planet off of the list (although I still have to collect a lot of the extra content).

I’ll report with more non-news about the next game I re-conquer.


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