New Fat Princess Videos Emerge

Fat Princess.  A game where your job is to make the enemy’s princess fat.  So fat, that it takes multiple enemies to carry her out of your castle.  That alone makes this game a gem in my eye.  Fat Princess is being developed by Titan Studios, formerly known as Darkstar Industries.  It is a team based 32-player hack-n-slash medieval multiplayer game.  Each team (red and blue) have 5 classes to choose from.   Head over to game trailers and check out the new videos introducing the games classes.

Gametrailers Fat Princess Pt. 1
Gametrailers Fat Princess Pt. 2
Gametrailers Fat Princess Pt. 3


2 Responses to “New Fat Princess Videos Emerge”

  1. My girlfriend is a casual gamer but hasn’t yet found anything of real interest on the PS3 yet and I think this will be the first title that will have her and me playing together! Would you happen to know if i is multiplayer on the same PS3? If not, no worries as I have a 2nd one she could use 😉

  2. i think it’s multi-player on the same PS3 also.

    as for playing with your girl, i suggest Pixel Junk Monsters as another title to play together. me and my fiance have a ball playing that co-op.

    this game looks like so much fun. i can’t wait for it.

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