Loco Roco 2 retailing for $19.99

Fans of adorable, quirky puzzler/platformer Loco Roco may be pleased to know that the second outting in the series, Loco Roco 2, will be a lot easier on the pocket book to acquire when it lands on store shelves February 10th.

The title will retail for $19.99, a full $10 less than the original Loco Roco title.

Personally, I think the $19.99 price tag should be for all PSP titles, as $30 is really asking a lot for a handheld game regardless of quality. $30 is half the price of a full fledged, HD PS3 title, and I’m sorry, but HD goodness will win out over a PSP title anyday, no matter how good. Needless to say, Loco Roco 2 will most certainly be in my possession come it’s release.


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