Flower hitting PSN in February

Flower, the relaxing, dreamlike title from thatgamecompany (of flOw fame), will be hitting the Playstation Network sometime in February, although no specific date has been given at this time.

I loved flOw, and thought it was a breath of fresh air when it hit the Playstation 3 early in it’s life cycle.

For those that don’t know, Flower has you controlling air currents with the SixAxis/Dual Shock 3’s motion controls, as they guide a flower petal along beautiful fields, gathering up more petals, as you attempt to reinvigorate a drab landscape.

Each of the six levels begins with your wilting petal on a window sil in the city, and, according to the developers, as you travel through the flower’s “dreams” your own apartment will change and become more beautiful.

I think there are enough run and gun, bloody shoot-em ups on the market, so a title like Flower is exactly what I think I’d need to unwind after a tense day at work.


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