Get Bioshock on PS3 for $20

2K Games Coupon
Bioshock is a brilliant game, and made even more brilliant by the fact that you can get it for $20 courtesy of Best Buy, and a coupon from 2K Games.

Starting on January 25 (that’d be this Sunday), Best Buy is offering a discount on Bioshock for $29.99. A great price to pick up this classic game.

To sweaten the deal for you fine folks out there, here’s a link to a coupon worth $10 off select 2K Games, courtesy of, well, 2K Games. Bioshock is on that list, and Best Buy is reportedly honoring this coupon, which means you can explore the dangerous depths of Rapture for a cool $20.

Just print out the coupon and take it to Best Buy. Also note that the coupon is also valid at these select retailers:

* Wal-Mart
* Target
* Kmart
* GameStop
* Game Crazy
* Virgin
* Hastings
* Meijer
* f.y.e.
* Fred Meyer


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