Killzone 2 Demo hitting February 5 in EU

Hey guys and gals! Just a heads up to all you PS3 owning FPS fans that a demo for the hotly anticipated Killzone 2 will be hitting the Playstation Network on Thursday, February 5th during this weeks update. It must be noted that this demo is for the EU territories, so get those alternate accounts ready!

For those that are still reserving judgment on the title, now’s your chance to give it a spin.

I was in the multi-player Beta last year, and I can say that it is indeed one of the most remarkable FPS titles I’ve ever played and I’m not even a big multi-player fan. The visuals, controls, intensity of the firefights is unlike any FPS I’ve ever played, PC or console alike.

Having just beaten Killzone 1 on the PS2, and Killzone: Liberation on the PSP, I have no doubts that the campaign mode for Killzone 2 wil be a quality romp.

Now that I’ve successfully contributed to the Killzone 2 internet hype, I’ll leave you be to count off the days, hours, minutes, until the demo hits the PSN.

The official North American Demo release is still scheduled for February 26th, due to that wonderful gaming store Gamestop having the exclusive on the NA demo as a pre-order bonus.

Killzone 2 finally hits Playstation 3 consoles on February 27th.

Source -Three Speech


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