Killzone 2 demo is Live!


Now that my evil tooth has been excised thanks to my local dentist, I’m back, and bringing with me more Killzone 2 news (it’s a Killzone kind of month!).

Today, SCE has released the demo for hotly anticipated Playstation 3 exclusive, Killzone 2. The demo comes in two flavors today: it’s available to all those in Europe (and for all those that have a European account), and secondly, it’s available to all those folks who pre-ordered at Gamestop.

Since it’s my personal mission to not give my business to Gamestop, I’ve taken the former route, and downloaded it off of the EU store, and pre-ordered the game at my local gamestore that I like, much, much better than GS.

I’m currently hovering around 46% on my download, so it’s going to be a wait.

I’ll have impressions of the demo up a little later. Enjoy people, this game is looking hot!


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