The Worst Thing to Happen to Gaming Since Jack?

Rapelay, a game by Illusion, is about rape. It centers around a man named Kimura Masaya who stalks and rapes a mother and her two daughters. Oddly enough, this doesn’t leave me with warm, fuzzy feelings about the gaming industry.

Once the pervert player has completed the story mode, free mode is unlocked. You can probably guess what that means and you’d be right. Once free mode is unlocked, the player can rape any woman in the game and convince other males to follow his example. It sounds awesome if you’re a sick, perverted bastard.
Rape is:

1 : an act or instance of robbing or despoiling or carrying away a person by force

2 : unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent — compare sexual assault, statutory rape

3 : an outrageous violation

Still not convinced this game is an atrocity? Go here and read up on the effects of sexual assault. Rape stays with the victim for the rest of their life and though some are able to move on, many are not. Rape is not okay, and RapeLay is not good for the gaming industry.

Censorship groups have been riding game makers for years and this travesty adds more fuel to their fire. They already think we as gamers are a depraved bunch, and doucebags like Jack Thompson blame games like Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt for school shootings. I can hear the furture rapists of America citing RapeLay for their crime and getting reduced sentences.

Bottom line? RapeLay condones rape, and if we condone RapeLay, what does that say about us?


10 Responses to “The Worst Thing to Happen to Gaming Since Jack?”

  1. I completely agree.

    The game is disgusting and reprehensible, and I can’t believe that there are people (like some of the folks at, that are actually DEFENDING the game.

    It’s pathetic. There is NO entertainment value in a game about rape. Video games are supposed to be an escapist medium, like books and film, and are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Rape is NEITHER.

  2. namelessshe Says:

    I seriously do not think they understand what rape really is. And I doubt they’d maintain their stance in a forum sans anonymity.

  3. “Bottom line? RapeLay condones rape, and if we condone RapeLay, what does that say about us?”

    This is the same argument people have against Rockstar. Do they condone killing cops and whores? Of course not. While I do not have any positive opinions in regards to this game, I will not condemn this. Games are made as an escape, do be or do something you could not do in real life. I can understand that some people have these kinds of fantasies/urges and it’s better for them to have a virtual outlet than to act out.

  4. namelessshe Says:

    That’s a good point but I doubt anyone who could act out their rape fantasies would be stopped by playing this game. And what’s next? A game about raping little boys? Where do we draw the line?

  5. The difference between the GTA series and Rapelay should be evident.

    In GTA, you the player, are in completely in control of whether or not you kill cops and hookers. There are no missions in the GTA series that flat out tell you, “We need you to go and kill these innocent civilians and cops, and hookers.” I’ve gone through ENTIRE PLAY SESSIONS of GTA (choose which game), without ever killing a single cop or pedestrian.

    Rapelay has you actively pursuing and raping innocent women. It is the goal of the game. The goal of GTA is not to kill innocent civilians and cops.

    You kill a civilian in GTA, the cops get on your tail. You kill those cops, MORE cops get on your tail, and soon enough, you have the FBI and the Army bringing in tanks to bring you down.

    Rape can NEVER be justified in a video game, in the sense that violence can be justified in games, movies, and books.

    Usually, in a violent video game, the main character’s behavior is justified: He is a soldier in a war, a secrent agent sent to infiltrate enemy territory, a lone survivor of a zombie outbreak, etc. In movies, the violence is also usually justified. Denzel Washington reaps vengeance in Man on Fire, because he, and the audience, think that Dakota Fanning’s character is dead. The thought of these men murdering that little girl tends to justify the carnage after in the eyes of the audience.

    There is no entertaining value in rape.

    And no, I don’t think we should encourage rapists by giving them an “outlet.” Rape isn’t about sex or violence, but about control and power. The reason why rape manifests itself primarily as a sexual act, is because, to us humans, our sexuality is one of our most intimate and important parts of our being. We have absolute control over who we share that part our individuality with, but a rapist TAKES what should be a consensual, and enjoyable act between two people, and twists and perverts it into a means of saying, “no, you are NOT in control of this part of your life. I AM.”

    Many rape victims suffer from self esteem and feelings of powerlessness after a rape, because they feel they have lost control of a very vital, private, intimate part of their beings.

    A game about rape IS saying that rape is OK. It is socially acceptable, and that people that have rapist tendencies need to “let it out.” Virtual rape is just as damaging as physical rape, because, for the rapist, it’s not about the physical act of getting off, but the psychological feeling of CONTROL over their victim. A game about rape isn’t releasing them of those thought processes, but REINFORCING THEM.

    To me, I think rape and murder are equally horrific atrocities. Like I said in a post on another site, my mother and sister were raped when they were in high school and college, by multiple assailants. My mother has moved beyond the events somewhat, but my sister STILL wrestles with those feelings of helplessness, and worthlessness. She’s married now, and has 3 children, but she is scarred for life by what happened to her that night.

    “It’s just a game,” just doesn’t fly in this situation. The violence in games/film/books issue has a lot of gray area and wiggle room (like I illustrated before in the “justified violence” rebuttal), but rape is pretty fricking cut and dry for me. It’s WRONG. Period. End of Story. And those individuals that feel they need to RAPE someone need to be psychologically evaluated and apprehended. Rape IS NOT about sex, and yet this game is being presented as erotica. Because it’s presented as erotica, many people get confused by it’s message and think that maybe rape IS about sex, and therefore it’s justifiable. IT IS NOT.

    I found this rather interesting article that highlights the various profiles of rapists. Not a single one of the profiles mention that the rapist rapes women because he wants to be sexually aroused/satisfied.

  6. namelessshe Says:

    Well put. This is a sore subject for me; most of my friends are victims of sexual assault. Some of them were able to move past it but many could not. And frankly I’m sick of this kind of thing being ok; it doesn’t get prosecuted like it should and there is still a stigma put upon the victim. No matter how they try to justify it, breaking down another human being is disgusting.
    Rape is wrong.

  7. Look at what that tool, Bill O’Reilly said about that 19 year old girl who got raped and murdered, and he said, “well, she was out in the middle of the night, wearing a short skirt and halter top showing midriff…”

    He outright says that, because she was a young, petite, attractive girl in some sexy clothing, it is completely understandable that she got raped and murdered!

    This type of thinking is why games like Rapelay exist, and it’s disgusting. As a growing industry, the gaming industry needs to draw a line about what is acceptable forms of ENTERTAINMENT within the industry.

    Rape is NOT acceptable in film, music, books, or television, unless they are portrayed as the vile, despicable, disgusting acts that they are.

    Since video games are generally mimicking those other forms of entertainment, in particular film and television, we should hold ourselves to that standard as well.

    I’ve NEVER seen a movie/TV show, etc, where rape was glorified and romanticized. Why should a game take that road? Rapelay is romanticizing rape, implying that the women in it’s world are only “pretending” to not enjoy having their bodies violated. It’s disgusting, and it infuriates me.

    For every step forward the medium of gaming takes to present it’s case as a mature, responsible form of entertainment, worthy of being taken as serious as film/books/music/television, some stupid retards like this come along and knock us right back to square one.

    Rapelay and GTA have NOTHING in common. Even the game Manhunt from Rockstar was more of a social experiment. The game, in my opinion, asked, “How willing is the player to put up with the realistic portrayal of violence here. How disturbed will they get before they put it away?”

    I actually own Manhunt, and I’ve only played it for 15-20 minutes. It truly was a disturbing game, and it didn’t entertain me. It didn’t have that cartoony, almost comical edge that the GTA games have, and I didn’t enjoy the game. Despite the fact that you were battling gangs sent to kill you, it was still a game that didn’t sit well with me.

    I prefer my escapist entertainment to allow me to be a super hero, an anti-hero, a soldier, a jedi, or any other such character in a fantastical setting, whether historical (ie, most Call of Duty, Medal of Honor games), or fictional (ie, Metal Gear Solid, Okami, etc).

    I just can’t fathom the entertainment value of wanting to rape someone. It’s simply too obscene of a concept to try and rationalize or justify. Rape is not fun or entertaining, and shouldn’t be peddled to us gamers like it is.

  8. namelessshe Says:

    Billy Boy is spiraling into a dark place.
    I can’t think of a movie glorifying rape and I can’t think of a book either. Doesn’t mean there isn’t one somewhere, but off the top of my head I’m drawing a blank.
    A side note, would the people defending this filth feel the same way if the game’s objective was to rape men? Probably not. In fact, I’m certain they’d be appalled and disgusted and that game would be gone in a heartbeat.

  9. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  10. namelesshe Says:

    I don’t think anyone has a double standard when it comes to rape being more or less severe depending on sex.

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