Burn, Zombie, Burn Review

I don’t think killing zombies ever gets old, and I think developer Double Six knew this when they crafted this arcadey, colorful, and overall fun game for the Playstation Network.

The premise is simple: Kill zombies. Lots of them. Advance to the next stage, and kill more zombies.

Players take control of two brothers, Bruce and Bruno, as they fend off a horde of brain-hungry zombies, and protect Bruce’s girlfriend, Daisy.

This mayhem takes place over the course of 6 levels, from a forest, to a suburban level, to a graveyard, and more, and features 3 different modes of play: Arcade, Timed, and Protect Daisy.

There is also split screen co-op, so you and a fellow couch potato can take on the hordes of the undead together.

There are 13 different weapons, ranging from pistol, to gatling guns, to cricket bats and lawnmowers. Each one feels different, and has a bit of strategy to figure out to maximize earning points.

The gameplay is, pure and simply put, frantic and fun. I really enjoyed playing co-op with my fiance, as we took out wave after wave of zombies, upgrading our weapons and trying our best to stay alive and unlock new stages.

The visuals are crisp and sharp, and the sound effects are also solid. The cheesy quips spewed by the protagonists are suitable to the overall, ham-fisted tone of the game.

Being a downloadable title, the “Rent” category is thrown out of the window, so it all boils down to “Should you buy it or pass?” My verdict:

BUY: At $9.99, this game is a nice deal. 6 levels, a multi-tude of weapons, upgrades, Trophies, and 3 modes of play are more than enough. The addition of co-op makes the deal that much sweeter. If you love mindless fun, and haven’t gotten tired of zombies yet, most certainly pick this game up.


One Response to “Burn, Zombie, Burn Review”

  1. namelessshe Says:

    It’s a fun game. The zombies in tutus were hilarious.

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