Rumor? First Ever MAG Screenshots

Flickr user 1337guyzorz has recently submitted 26 screenshots that seem to be from upcoming Massively Multiplayer FPS MAG, from Zipper Interactive.

The game, aside from being developed by the masterminds behind the SOCOM series, is of note because of it’s unprecedented for console games 256 player count.

The game breaks up the players in 32 8 man squads that work together to complete various objectives and defeat the other players and squads.

Take these screens with a grain of salt, as there has been no official word from Sony about them, but they seem pretty legit to me, considering the content of the teaser trailer of the game, and the content of the screenshots seem to match up.

Link to the screenshots are below, and MAG is currently set to release sometime during Quarter 3/Quarter 4 of this year exclusively for the Playstation 3.

Source – Flickr


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