First MAG Gameplay Trailer

More news from Sony’s Gamers Day is creeping in, this time revealing the first ever gameplay footage of Sony and Zipper Interactives 256 player online only FPS title MAG (Massive Action Game).

For the unitiated, MAG is, as stated above, online only, a first person shooter, and, yeah, 256 players.

The game will break up players into 32 squads of 8, each with their own objectives during a campaign. But hey, if pictures speak a thousand words, then the video at the link below must be like War and Peace. Check it out below, and take delight in the fact that this massive game is releasing sometime this fall exclusively for the Playstation 3.

Source – Joystiq


2 Responses to “First MAG Gameplay Trailer”

  1. silentcrow Says:

    hey just wondering any details on when MAG will be coming out yet?

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