Sacred 2: Screwing Co-Op Over FTW!

A funny thing happened when I stared playing Sacred 2 with my husband. He was rocking the seraphim class and I was cruising as a dryad, when all of a sudden, it hit me. His inventory was chock full of goodies I could equip on my character, and I had a hat.

“Lovely,” I said to myself, and then I asked him if there was a way to swap items.

We searched the instruction book, checked online, and what do you know? There is no way to swap items with your co-op partner. Irritating? Hell yes.

So we continued on our quest, and not long after, I realized something else. My dryad can’t pick up anything. Weird. We dashed back to the forums to find a solution for our perplexing problem, and did we?

We most certainly did not.

The only thing I can figure is that if you don’t kill it, you don’t get the drop. It sounds reasonable until you remember the dryad specializes in ranged combat. There’s little chance she’s going to get enough shots off fast enough when the seraphim two centimeters away from the villain.

A quick recap: in co-op, you can’t swap items, and you only get items from the things you kill yourself. Also, when the timer that appears over the dropped item reaches zero, the item vanishes. It does not allow your partner to collect it or use it for themselves.

Way to go Sacred 2!


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