Faceoff! inFAMOUS vs Prototype


It’s never easy when two products of similar themes get released around the same time period. Whether it be Deep Impact and Armageddon, Dante’s Peak and Volcano, or Mall Cop and Observe and Report. No matter what, the two will always be compared, and the cold hard truth is that one is destined to be better than the other.

Such was the case with Mays release of Sucker Punch’s superhero open world game inFAMOUS, and Radical Entertainments similarly themed open world game, Prototype, release in June, just two weeks after inFAMOUS hit store shelves.

Starting now, every week we’ll present you with a new Faceoff pitting two similarly themed games against one another, and objectively weighing their pros and cons from main character, to gameplay, to graphics, and deciding the victor. Face off begins now!

On the surface, the games seem remarkably similar. To the point that many a curious onlooker would get the two mixed up. Dive a bit deeper, however, and you’ll find two totally different gaming experiences, and just like the differences between Twister and Tornado, one is, in this writer’s humble opinion, better than the other.

We’ll begin by tackling the games primary similarities, and from there on, delve into the myriad of differences between the two, starting with the protagonists of both. Please read with caution, as there may be some tidbits of stories revealed about both games that could be considered spoilerish (but no big reveals about plot twists or anything).



Cole McGrath – A lowly bike courier who finds himself gifted with incredible electricity based powers after a package he was delivering exploded, wiping out a large portion of the Historic District of Empire City, killing thousands. When he awakens a week later, he discovers that a plague has swept throughout the city, and the three major gangs inhabiting the place have carved up the three districts as their own like a Thanksgiving turkey. The military has also quarantined the city to contain the outbreak. Cole soon discovers that his powers may be the only hope the city has of regaining it’s sanity, or he may just be their destructor.

On a personality level, we don’t know much about Cole beyond a few snippets of dialogue shared between him and the two people closest to him, his best friend Zeke, and his girl, Trish, who lost her sister in the blast. From what we can gleem from these conversations is that Cole didn’t much care for anything or anyone more complicated than delivering the next package, and making ends meet. He cares about his friend Zeke, counting him as one of the only two people in the world he can trust, and he loves Trish more than anything, although things get complicated and strained when she learns that Cole was responsible for the explosion that tore apart Empire City, and claimed the life of her sister.

Cole narrates the game, and offers some insight into his mindset as events unfold around him, and he comes to grips with his powers. He has a smart mouth, quick to make a quip with Zeke, or lip off to Moya, the FBI Agent who has promised Cole a way out of the city if he can help her locate her husband, who dissappeared after the blast. Overall, he is a fairly likable, believable character, but left just blank enough for the morality system to be feasible whether being “Good Cole,” or “Evil Cole.”


Alex Mercer – An enigma in more ways than one. In the opening sequence of the game, Alex proclaims that he is “no monster,” and “not a killer.” For the remainder of the game, however, he proceeds to annihilate and maim and murder literally thousands of people on his quest of revenge. After awakening in a morgue, Alex learns that he has been given incredible abilities including shapeshifting, running along walls, gliding through the air, creating a thick exoskeleton around him, and unleashing tentacles not unlike the villain Venom from Spider-Man. Those are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to Mercer’s abilities, as he gains more powers throughout his journey. Alex also discovers that a plague has been unleashed upon New York City, and it has subsequently been quarantined by the government until it can be brought under control. Unlike inFAMOUS, however, the citizens of the city are not just rendered sick and helpless. They are turned into mindless zombies that will kill and murder anyone who gets in their path.

As a person, Alex is still that enigma. We don’t know much about him at the start of the game, other than he has a sister named Dana who he cares a lot about, and an ex-girlfriend, Karen Parker, who used to work for the very company that Alex believes gave him his abilities. Considering that he spends most of the game proclaiming to be “not evil,” or “not a killer,” I can’t help but get mixed signals when he proceeds to slaughter hundreds upon hundreds of the citizens of New York City while trying to kill the soldiers and people responsible for turning him into this monster. There isn’t really much to gleem from the dialogue between Alex, his sister, ex-girlfriend, and anyone else he comes across, because it’s all just so damn hackneyed and cliched. After racing to his ex-girlfriend’s apartment to get her out of there before a strike team arrives, this dialogue takes place:

Alex: “Karen Parker.”

Karen: “Alex! I thought you were dead!”

Alex: “I was.”

I can’t help but groan inwardly at exchanges like this, and the fact that they are this groan-inducing whenever a cutscene happens. Alex falls into the “I’m tough because the kids want a cool ‘anti-hero,'” but the story doesn’t give him much reason to be such a douche to everyone. He’s barely civil to his sister, who simply serves as the person who gives him missions.

In the end, I feel that Sucker Punch’s approach to their main character results in a more “relatable,” believable protagonist, who players can empathize with as they progress through his heroe’s journey. Cole may not be on par with Nathan Drake in terms of fantastic characterization, but he certainly makes Alex Mercer look like he was written by a high schooler who’s read one too many Image Comic books from the 90s (I used to be one of those high schoolers, by the way).


Outside of the intial setup being remarkably similar, Sucker Punch and Radical Entertainment have taken two totally different approaches to the open world sandbox genre, and the presentation of a city.


Empire City – The world of inFAMOUS is broken up into three islands: The Neon District, The Warren, and The Historic District. After the explosion ripped apart the Historic district, a plague swept through the city, causing the government to quarantine it. The citizens are occassionaly given food drops by the authorities, but they are often hijacked by the gangs roving the place. You will often see many a citizen rooting around in garbage cans, sitting curled up against a wall or on a bench, falling to their knees in dispair, or simply collapsing due to a combination of hunger and the plague infecting their bodies. There are also a few policement left who continue the good fight and occassionally battle it out with the various gangs.

The three districts also have three very distinct looks, atmospheres, and gangs. The Neon district is home of the Reapers, and features tunnels, a large plaza with a huge fountain, and many, many buildings housing bright, glowing signs. The Warren, home of the Dustmen, is like a junkyard given life. There is a gigantic tower made of junk looming over the city, a warehouse district, and many of the houses look like rundown shanties. The Historic district is home of the First Sons, and the buildings are all in a gothic motif, with the largest landmark being ground zero of the blast, which is a smoking crater surrounded by the remains of destroyed buildings.

The city feels lived in and hopeless, with the atmosphere changing depending on if Cole is following the Heroic or Infamous paths. When being “good,” the citizens will praise Cole, hang up posters of him, give him thumbs up, and even throw rocks at enemies attacking him. When being “evil,” the citizens will shout insults, spray graffiti over your propaganda posters, and hurl rocks at Cole as he walks down the street.They will even try and gang up on him and push, punch, and kick him.


New York City – The city that never sleeps. While in the real world, New York City is a place filled with history, a bustling population crawling with all sorts of astounding characters, and a fantastic skyline, New York in the world of Prototype feels, unfortunately, flat, flavorless, and bland. While the skyline itself is still intact, the world below is populated with, primarily panicked people who never stop running and screaming, infected zombie citizens, and the military, who are relentless in cutting Alex down on sight.

The infected parts of the city are the most interesting, since there are Hives scattered around, releasing more plague, and infecting more citizens. These areas even cause the sky to change color to a sickening orangish red. Outside of this, there isn’t really much detail in the city. There’s barely any trash on the ground, no citizens attempting to go about their regular lives despite the horrible scenario they find themselves in. It’s pure chaos, which there is nothing wrong with, but the lack of atmosphere really makes the New York in Prototype not very interesting to explore. It’s also unfortunate that this same New York map has been in nearly 10 super hero open world games already, so it just doesn’t feel as fresh or fun to explore like the completely original Empire City in inFAMOUS. It should also be noted that the map in Prototype is much smaller than the three islands present in inFAMOUS.


Here is where the two titles really set themselves apart from one another, and where the quality of both experiences really shows.


Not only has Cole been given absolute control over electricity, he was also an “urban explorer” before the blast, and as such, he has the uncanny ability to climb practically every building and surface in Empire City. From street poles, to train tracks, to power lines, if it looks like Cole should be able to leap up and grab it, he can. This results in some stickyness, as he will literally “auto-target” to anything nearby that he can grab when you jump at it, but overall, the feeling of precision while traversing the environment is fantastic. As he unlocks more electric abilities by restoring the power grid in blacked out areas of the city, these combine with his parkour skills, and it really opens up the traversal element of gameplay. He will learn how to grind on train tracks and powerlines, as well as utilize “Static Thrusters,” which will allow him to hover through the air for a short period of time. For defense, he can also dive and roll, as well as gain a Polarity Shield ability, which puts up a force field of energy that repels enemy attacks, and replenishes his battery core reserves (which deplete when Cole uses his higher level abilities).

On the offensive side, Cole gains 10 abilities, each with three upgrades that make saving or oppressing Empire City that much more possible. His initial ability is the Electric Bolt, which doesn’t consumer battery cores, and is unlimited in use. It is like a pistol in other shooters (inFAMOUS is, truthfully, a third person shooter with action/adventure and platform elements weaved throughout the fabric of the design). While I won’t spoil all of the powers, he gains abilities like a Precision Shot, which works like a sniper rifle and also slows down time, aiding in more precise shots, as well as the ability to call down a devastating lighting strike from the sky, decimating all in it’s path.

Overall gameplay is straightforward, but the morality system keeps things in check by rewarding you with experience points based on how good or bad you are while playing the game. Each of Cole’s 10 alignment abilities have a good or bad iteration. For example, your shock grenades on Hero level will automatically incapacitate enemies with Arc Restraints (think of them as electric handcuffs that pin enemies and civilians alike to the ground). When you are Infamous level, the shock grenades will splinter into seven little grenades that spread out and explode, causing massive explosions should they attach to other objects, and vehicles, resulting in massive chaos. In short, the “heroic” powers are all very precise, designed to minimize collateral damage whenever possible (you are being heroic, after all), while the “evil” powers are all very destructive, designed to cause as much damage as possible, to whoever is in the way.

The morality system isn’t just dependent on using your offensive powers to kill enemies or civilians. As you progress through the game, you will come across specific Karma Moments that present you with a scenario that you can either respond to with a positive or negative action. For example, while traversing the city, I came across an angry mob of people who had another civilian strung up by his feet from a pole. They claimed that he stole their food. If I wanted, I could simply walk away, and let the guy get slaughtered by the mob, resulting in negative Karma, or I could shoot the guy down, freeing him, resulting in positive Karma. There are also 15 good missions, and 15 bad missions that will give you significant boosts in positive and negative Karma, as well as awarding you with a new power specific to that alignment. There are 40 story missions, and at the least 70 or more side missions that are all rather varied and fun, although there are a few repetitive mission types spread across the three islands. Also, at any give moment you are given the ability to Arc Restrain (handcuff), or Bio Leech a citizen or enemy. Bio Leech will literally drain all the bio-electric energy from a human, killing them, and of course, resulting in negative XP and Karma.

There are also 350 blast shards(fragments from the blast) to collect, which give you XP, as well as additional battery cores (meaning you can use your high level abilities more often), and 32 Dead Drops, which were left behind by a mysterious character named John. These Dead Drops contain a lot of back story that fleshes out the world, and gives you a lot of insight as to the circumstances that lead to Cole gaining electric abilities.

The overall gameplay package of inFAMOUS feels very polished and well designed, and very rarely does the game get in the way of the fun. The controls are damn near spotless, the combat is intense and satisfying, and climbing, gliding, and grinding your way around the city is a joy.


Prototype has a very straightforward gameplay ethic: Destroy everything. The gameplay has more than a little in common with Radical Entertainment’s previous title, Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Each one of Alex’s abilities serves that primary gameplay ethic. There is no middle ground, or morality system at play in Prototype. Everyone dies. Infected zombies, soldiers, and innocent civilians. No one is safe from Alex’s warpath. If all you want is a game where you kill and slaughter everyone, then Prototype is quite possibly the quintessential action game experience. If you want some justification for why Alex, when running down the street, just pushes people to the side, and is all around a straight up douchebag to any and everyone, you won’t find it here.

Revenge is always a great motivator for games and movies. It’s fun to see a character bring some ruthless comeuppance to those that have wronged him. Where I believe Prototype faulters is that Alex is never justified when it comes to punishing the innocent civilians just trying to survive the plague that has torn their city apart. Slaughtering all of this fodder is genuinely enjoyable due to a myriad of abilities and combos that can be bought with experience you earn for completing story missions (of which there are 33), and side missions, which include races, consume missions, and kill missions. The shapeshifting ability, despite being extremely unbelievable in the gameplay department (you can shapeshift in a soldier, and proceed to run along walls, flip over objects, and use most of Alex’s abilities without the other soldiers batting an eye), is useful in the missions where you can use it, but in regular, traversing the city gameplay, it’s not helpful. The real joy is earning XP, and obtaining Alex’s higher level, more devastating attacks.

Alex is also able to hijack helicopters and tanks, as well as utilize firearms to take out enemies, but they feel tacked on, as the lock on system for weapons is the only way to hit targets (there is no manual aiming), and controlling tanks and helicopters isn’t as enjoyable as simply running into a crowd and smashing them to bits.

Also throughout the game are select individuals that, when consumed by Alex, open up more info on what is called the Web of Intrigue. This is simply a series of memories that Alex can obtain to learn more about what exactly is going on in the world and story. It’s a rather creative and clever gameplay mechanic, marred somewhat by the very cliche, predictable story of a “government up to no good, and trying to hide it from the rest of the world.” If the story wasn’t cut from the same cloth of many other games with similar premises, it would have been much more intriguing (no pun intended), to unravel the Web of Intrigue. Alex being such an unsympathetic character to begin with is probably a large part of why the web doesn’t feel vital to gameplay. In fact, because of the character of Alex being so bland, the enjoyment of the game comes from only the gameplay, not a combination of compelling narrative and solid gameplay.

Gameplay is always key, of course, but Prototype suffers from two major flaws that detract from the overall package, and they combine with the mediocre story to hold Prototype bak from greatness.

The first is the insanely cumbersome control scheme. In short, it simply isn’t very enjoyable to traverse the city and engage in combat like it should be. Alex is simultaneously loose and floaty, and heavy and sluggish. He doesn’t control particularly well, and it’s very easy to lose track of enemies (of which there are tons of them shooting at you at once), and some of Alex’s higher level abilities require you to press some rather awkward button combinations (one skill has you pressing the B and X button, or Square and Circle button, at the same time to execute it). In short, the control scheme for combat just isn’t very intuitive, and often you are bringing up the L1 menu to access abilities and swap out, instead of having them all there at the press of a button like inFAMOUS.

Secondly, traversing the city is not as fluid as it should be. Sure, Alex can run up walls and glide through the sky, but as soon as you need to accomplish more precise manuvers like grabbing experience orbs that may be up on a spire that Alex cannot directly climb up. Precise controls are paramount to a quality gaming experience, and unfortunately, Prototype suffers from a lack of polish in this department. It is very difficult to go from playing with spot on controls such as in inFAMOUS, then moving on to the clumsy Prototype afterwards.

It is a decent gaming experience, but one you will, more often than not, grow frustrated with (due to horrendous difficulty spikes) more-often that you are swept away by the satisfying carnage and destruction.


Gameplay over Graphics has been the mantra of this generation since the beginning, but I’m from the camp that believes that both qualities can co-exist to create a fantastic gaming experience. And I never hear anyone complain when an awesome game just so happens to have awesome visuals as well (see, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, or Mass Effect for examples of games with great visuals, and equally great gameplay).


The world of Empire City is large, detailed, and immersive. Cole’s character model has great detail and animations, but it’s the city itself that really sings. For an open world sandbox game, the level of detail in the buildings, textures, and streets and roads is remarkable. Even when scrutinizing the walls and streets, the game impresses. Even moreso, the particle effects for when Cole uses his various abilities are spectacular, as is the lighting (in particular in the sewer sections, when the entire area is lit only by your electric glow). It’s a shame that things like pop in plague the game when traveling at fast speeds (in particular when grinding on train tracks at top speed), and animations for characters during the few cutscenes that are actually using the in game engine are weak.

Overall, however, inFAMOUS is, hands down, the best-looking sandbox game available right now. It must also be noted that the stylish cutscenes, done in a comic book style presentation look fantastic, and really give the game an identity all it’s own.



Despite New York City being such a colorful character, as mentioned before, the city itself feels very sterile and lifeless. Textures are flat and lack depth and detail, and the citizens are pretty much stuck in panic mode the entire time. Because we’ve seen this New York many times before in other sandbox games (Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 3, True Crime 2, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction all took place in New York), there is nothing new in the environment that feels fresh and surprising.

Alex’s animations look fine when they are taken as separate instances, but when stringing them together, the result is very jerky and lacks fluidity. Some of his attacks most certainly look cool, but lack the visual punch of inFAMOUS.

Lighting and visual effects are also weak. In truth, Prototype most certainly isn’t winning any awards for technology, and the game only looks marginally better than Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. Blood and guts can only do much to distract from the overall mediocre visual presentation of Prototype. The CGI cutscenes are full of flashiness (as is the actual gameplay), but like the overall package surrounding Prototype, it simply comes off as being by the numbers, standard action adventure game fair. It does nothing visually to establish itself as it’s own entity apart from the Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk games. Even some of Alex’s moves are direct copies of moves seen in those video games. A unique approach to visuals may have very well set the game apart, and made it stand out. Blood and guts will not detract from uninspired gameplay and design for long.


I think it’s fair to say that by this point, you are aware of where I stand on the inFAMOUS vs Prototype battle. I feel that inFAMOUS is the better game due to an original, unique style that is all it’s own, precise controls that simply feel right when the controller is in your hands, and fantastic visuals. The story, while simplistic, has just enough character and intrigue to keep you compelled, and the way the game rewards you with new powers on a regular basis through the story, instead of simply having them all laid out until you purchase them from a menu, is a great incentive to keep you playing “just one more mission.” Controls, Presentation, Game Design, Graphics. inFAMOUS delivers all of those things near flawlessly. No, it’s not perfect, and the game has flaws, but they are so miniscule, and don’t hamper gameplay to the point where you are too frustrated or bored to continue on. The fact that the game can be played as both Good and Evil, with significant changes to the story and gameplay (evil powers feel much different than good powers), makes replayability high, and the fantastic ending and intriguing Dead Drops give quite a bit of insight into where this excellent new series may go in future installments.

Prototype is a solid rental. It’s cotton candy. It’s good for the short time that it lasts, but ultimately, you will want something more substantial and filling in the end. It also lacks the depth of gameplay and world that will keep you coming back for more long after the story is complete.





30 Responses to “Faceoff! inFAMOUS vs Prototype”

  1. Great article.
    Its extremely detailed which shows that its not a biased fanboy rant saying Game x is better then Game Y.

    Your opinion is supported very well.
    It was a well worth read. Hope to see other articles with this much depth.

    Thanks for a enjoyable read that seems so hard to find these days

  2. definitely infamous.
    theres just to many things wrong with prototype and its sad realy because it had ALOT of potentional, if done well it could of been close to GOTY.
    theres WAY to much pop up and not only textures but whole buildings now thats unacceptable.
    the missions are EXACTLY the same, mission 1 is the same as 2 as 3 as 4 as 5 and so on.
    the story line sucks its way to empty it leaves so many questions hanging in the air.
    and its not fun just annoying you get out numberd so quickly it gets annoying just fighting tanks and hellis the whole game add some variety.
    i think if they had given it to a realy talanted dev like ubisoft or bethesda.
    it would of been a much better game it just lacks so much.
    and well when free roaming is more fun than playing the actual missions well that says everything

  3. Phenomenal article. I agree completely as someone who finished both games one before the other starting with inFamous. I could not have said any of this better myself. I will be back to read more.

  4. xCAPT LYNCHx Says:

    ARE YOU ALL CRAZY! Cotton Candy!!!! what! Infamous is a lame spark of crap next to the sickness of prototype. The ability to soar through the sky, rip people open, and drive tanks is insane. Infamous doesn’t come close to the depth of game play.
    As far as the progression argument, who wants to play a game for weeks until you can see some cool shit. Especially when you work 60 hours a week. I actually went on a killing spree for hours and bought as many sweet ass special moves and abilities as i could. The game does hold on to a few unlocks until you are further along. There is a lot of replay value! it takes a while before you have all the upgrades.
    Prototype delivers, Its much better than shooting sparks out my ass and turning on a few televisions as a mission objective.
    Once you perform the tendril move on a few innocent people you will know what i mean about the sickness.
    As far as originality, fun-factor, reply value, sickness and being insanely better than the other, PROTOTYPE wins hands down.

    • Have fun with Prototype.

      It’s crap, but have fun with it.

      The game fails on every level, and is no better than Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

      Blood and guts don’t make a game good.

      Prototype has poor gameplay, a poor story, and poor controls.

      It’s nothing more than mediocre.

      inFAMOUS is it’s better in every way. great gameplay, great story, great controls.

      it is by no means perfect, but it mops the floor with Prototype.

      but hey, that’s just my opinion, and if you like Prototype more, good for you. I just suggest raising your standards a bit…

  5. Youare really taking side. I read all of your article is to do injustice to PROTOTYPE. Yeah, maybe graphics better, maybe it is more detailed but you comment on gameplay too? I played inFAMOUS and PROTOTYPE.In inFAMOUS you just throw electric and you have 3 different hitting style punch, kick, and something like twistkick but in PRTOTYPE you have a lot of combos and powers as many as I cant tell them in here. I think PROTOTYPE better.
    P.S: Excuse my english I can’t write it perfect that’s because I am Turkish

    • You are definitely entitled to your opinion that Prototype is better than inFAMOUS, as I’m entitled to my opinion that inFAMOUS is better.

      It’s not just the visuals in inFAMOUS that are better. The controls are nearly spot on in inFAMOUS, while in Prototype they are imprecise and clumsy. The story in inFAMOUS has style and character, while the story in Prototype is generic and lacking personality (especially in the main character). For gameplay, inFAMOUS has focus: Cole is an electric based hero, and the game is meticulously designed to get the most of what being an electric based hero would entail. Prototype is just all over the place when it comes to gameplay, and none of it is executed properly.

      Tell me, if you could shapeshift, possess super strength and agility, glide through the air, turn your body into armor, rock hard fists, snake like tendrils, razor sharp claws, and more, why would you ever want to use a gun? Or drive a tank. Or fly a helicopter? You wouldn’t need to do those things, because your super powers are simply better than those options. Spider-Man doesn’t hop into a car and drive to save people, or shoot a gun to take down bad guys because he can web swing and shoot web balls from his hands.

      Alex Mercer in Prototype is a Mary Sue. The developers made him do everything and in the end, he is a Jack of all Trades, Master of none. I could forgive this if the controls scheme for the game wasn’t so clumsy and unintuitive. The game just isn’t fun to play.

      What good is throwing in a bunch of cool upgrades when the execution of those upgrades is handled so sloppily?

      Combat is boring and repetitive, as is mission structure. Like I said before, blood and guts don’t make a game good. Prototype has plenty of blood and guts, but it’s nothing more than a slightly above average sandbox game, with a scattered focus and generic story and characters. And while graphics aren’t everything, I bought a 40″ 720p Samsung for a reason, and that’s so that I can enjoy HD entertainment. Prototype barely holds up to it’s predecessor, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, let alone inFAMOUS, which features fantastic texture work, great lighting, and great effects. Cole’s character model is fantastic in detail and animations, whereas Alex Mercer is about as detailed as one of the pedestrians in inFAMOUS, and those guys aren’t very detailed. I’m being harsh here, but the point is that we pay good money for HD entertainment, and the PS3 and 360 are capable of delivering that quality, so we should get it. Especially when we drop $60 for video games these days.

      Like I said before, inFAMOUS is it’s better in every way. But again, that’s just my opinion, and yours is different.

  6. Look, inFAMOUS is a good game to and I know there is a lot of mistakes PROTOTYPE but it’s really entertaining. Controls can’t be better in PROTOTYPE because there is a lot of moves combos and powers. If there is ten more buttons on controller it’s gonna be better of course.

    And he use helicopter and tank because for example if you want to destroy a building it’s much easy use a tank or for example again if you don’t want try glide and run you can use helicopter to reach your destination directly or for last time you can drive a tank or helicopter by use someones memories why don’t you drive 😀

    That’s just my opinion, and yours is different. And I ‘m not argueing with you I’m writing because;
    it’s entertain me,
    it is make my english better,
    and I like read other peoples opinion
    I’m not your enemy don’t misunderstand 😉

  7. Nice review. I just finished inFAMOUS yesterday and was very impressed. (You were right about the replayability value. I’m going to restart the game as villain now.)

    Despite what you say about Prototype, I probably will buy it–but only when the price drops. Oh, and the one thing that bothered me about the review was the fact that Prototype is supposedly modeled after Manhattan, not New York City. (At least according to X-Play.)

  8. Yeah I played Prototype completely and I can say that the Gameplay too hectic but the story line is not bad at all and the Character , Alex Mercer , is a cool guy but the Game has a bad Difficult because the enemies’re at the end very hard to beat . In the Game Prototype is the movement till you climb houses and buildings so hectic you can’t go easy on a column before you fall 1000 times of it . By inFamous is it cool how you climb and how you go from one point to the next one it’s like Assassin’s Creed you can climb on everything . inFamous is not much different like Prototype but I like more climbing and how you go by feed .

  9. ChaosFreak Says:

    I prefer PROTOTYPE. I’m one of those people who love ultimate destruction, and frankly, I think PROTOTYPE is better to control. Not only that, but it has all 3 things i love in a video game- 1) Blood and Gore, 2) Intense Violence, and 3) Strong language. I spent hours away from the story turning NYC into more of an apocalyptic hellhole that it already is, witch i couldn’t get from inFAMOUS all too much. All the explosions were pretty and everything, but a superhuman mutant with shape shifting abilities, capable of turning his extremities into ultimate weapons of death is more my style.

  10. Quartrez Says:

    I just read that review… I just can’t agree with all you say. Sometimes you are totally wrong and you forget to mention a few important things about Prototype.

    Let’s first talk about the graphics of both games. OK, Infamous wins hand down for visual. But technically, Prototype OWNS. Let me explain. In Prototype, this is usually on screen : hundreds of civilians running in terror, dozens of hunters killing everything, twenty or thirty military units shooting on sight at every infected thing, explosions happen everywhere. And the game runs smoothly.

    I never saw a game with such an amazing “framerate / amount of action on screen” scale. I think it is more important to have a not-quite-pretty, but smooth game, rather than having that lagful-freezing, but beautiful game.

    BTW, the story of Prototype has way more depth than the classic “Bad government trying to kill everything because it’s all infected” thing. That’s only the RESULT of the whole background story.

    • I didn’t think this story would cause such a ruckus!

      To your reply:

      I can’t agree that because of the large amount of civilians on screen in Prototype, that gives it any type of edge.

      For one, ALL they ever do is run and scream. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them do anything other than run and scream in a panic. Their pathfinding is pretty one-dimensional.

      inFAMOUS doesn’t have as many people on screen at once as Prototype, but they do a LOT more than just run in a panic. I’ve seen people root around in garbage cans, fall to their knees in the streets in anguish, leaning against walls or sitting on the concrete, propped up against a car or bench. Civilians walk up to me and talk to me, take photographs of me or hurt people. I’ve seen civilians walk up to an injured civilian and tell them that everything was going to be okay, that help was on the way.

      As far as immersion and believability goes, inFAMOUS is way more graphically impressive beyond just texture detail.

      The framerate in Prototype is most certainly stellar, but it’s due to the low resolution textures, low polygon character models, and limited animations for both Alex and the military and civilians around him. Even the city is bland and uninteresting, which is ironic, considering how lively of a place New York is in real life.

      really, the weakest visuals in inFAMOUS are vehicles (which look awful), civilian models (which aren’t nearly as detailed as Cole, naturally), and some of the animations in the in game cutscenes (in particular when two people are just talking, like Cole and Zeke). Everything else about the visuals in the game is astounding, especially for a sandbox game.

      The story in Prototype would be fascinating if the characters inhabiting it weren’t so 1 dimensional and shallow. Alex Mercer is a non-character. He was created to do cool things, not to be a relatable, “human” character. His actions are only to serve story/mission progression, which is often why they contradict.

      At the start of the game, while narrating his tale, he claims he’s not a killer, or a monster, and yet, for the rest of the game, you proceed to slaughter HUNDREDS of military soldiers AND innocent civilians.

      Don’t get me wrong, I highly enjoy slaughtering people in video games, but even Kratos from God of War has plenty of justification for his actions, and we even get to see into his head and understand his psyche. This is absent in Prototype.

      As a video game mechanic, Alex and his abilities are fine. Radical Entertainment wanted to create a character that can do cool things like run up walls, glide, shapeshift, etc, and they pulled that off with aplomb (despite, what I believe to be a terribly cumbersome and unintuitive control scheme), but as a narrative device, he is derivative, cliched, and uninteresting.

      It’s not so much that I don’t think the story in Prototype is crap, I just think the characters that are supposed to make up the story is crap, and thus, dilutes the quality of the whole.

      Think of it like the Star Wars Prequels. Overall, the story had some rather intriguing moments and excellent concepts like intergalactic political conflict, doomed lovers, a government conspiracy, betrayed friendships, and a fallen hero. Excellent fodder for gripping drama. But in the EXECUTION of those concepts, we were subjected to terrible dialogue, and 1 dimensional characters with god awful character motivation.

      Prototype suffers from the same thing.

      For me, however, checking in my hopes for a good story at the store, I still find the basic, core gameplay of Prototype to suffer from bland design and shallow game mechanics (not to mention horrible controls). There are simply better games out there that give you the same result as this in terms of combat and visceral slaughter (ie, God of War, Ninja Gaiden, and Devil May Cry).

      But that’s just me.

      Thanks for reading the article and giving your input, I really appreciate it, and hope you’ll continue to give your thoughts on anything else I write that catches your interest in the future.

      • armaniman Says:

        First of all i just bought my PS3 like in june and bought both games because they seemed really cool. And let me tell you, do not try to play them both at the same time, way too confusing.

        i think that the whole idea behind the prototype character is the ambiguity of Alex. He is trying to figure out who he is really and the only way he knows how to do that is by killing people to get that information.

        Whilst in inFamous, Cole is trying to survive and make his life better due to the quarantine. Then you as the player choose how he is thought of through out the game, (personally, being bad was so much more fun).

        And i think the originality of the character in prototype is a lot more apparent. I mean shape-shiting body parts for specific purposes is just as original if not more original that of electricity manipulation.

        What i don’t like about both games is the amount of people just out on the street. If there was some freakish virus or martial law, i’d be keepin’ my ass inside all the damn time. i don’t why there are so many people out and not trying to be as safe as possible.

        I love both games so much, they really are some of the best games of 2009, even if they are similar. i think when comparing the two you must look at prototype as a bad ass zombie killing game with an in-depth story line (relative to a zombie game that is). And then look at inFamous as a superhero/villain with good gameplay and graphics.

        Also, i feel that there are a few key powers that are different. I think the coolest part of either game is the consume function in prototype just because it is so flippin’ badass. the moves in prototype are a lot more intricate as well, with the extra buttons and extra abilities, but with the way it is set up i think it is as about as best as a game with that many controls could be.
        With inFamous, the shooter ability is very nice and i do agree it is much like a third person shooter with hand2hand combat as well, it provides an alternative way of killing rather than in prototype it just being direct contact. and i would have to say that there are fewer powers in inFamous than prototype, but it doesnt make those powers any less amazing (lightning strike!!).

        The last and final difference is the level needed to play these games. I would have to say that almost anyone cold lick up inFamous and play it, while prototype is an intense game, even on normal. Everything is very straightforward i feel in inFamous while prototype has many ways of accomplishing a task given to you. that said, prototype is more for the hardcore gamer, while inFamous the casual one.

        My opinion: i love them both, and i really don’t want to choose between them because that would mean one would be worse. Both are badass and really intricate games.

  11. I think it’s normal to everybody run and scream in a panic always. there are monsters, zombies, military (which one is shoot at every moving thing) tanks, helicopters and zeus. I think it’s enough xD

    And I think Alex Mercer has a character. he is not human maybe but he is trying to revange(like niko bellic- gta4-) and he trying to make things right. maybe his style is different and he is cruel a little(a little? :D) but just totally good people has a character? Everybody good; being bad is more special.

    At the start of the game, while narrating his tale, he claims HE IS a killer, a monster, a terrorist.I know this but I’m not sure so I started the game again to check it.

    And I think Cole’s story is so ordinary. There is a man which one is had an accident, realize he or she had super powers. Like spiderman, hulk, fantastic 4(yeah four of them is same) etc. etc. etc. And there is few superhuman stories different but they are really exception.

  12. TheAntiHeroHimself Says:

    Never even heard of any of them on TV, that’s what i think is strange. Well, i think I’ve seen a commercial of inFAMOUS Once on SpikeTV, but prototype didn’t have much publicity apart from Youtube maybe.
    Even though i haven’t played any of them, personally, I’ve checked both of them on youtube(actually just did while writing this) and read reviews, and not only do i prefer the whole “rip appart and destroy” approach in a game, and that i love the whole “shapeshifter” ability, but i also love NY. That is why i prefer PROTOTYPE.

    Unfortunately, I’ve seen Rockstar Game’s version of New York [In GTAIV][Liberty City, if you wanna be picky about it] and PROTOTYPE’s is a disappointment. PROTOTYPE does lack depth in graphic quality. Radical Entertainment didn’t put enough detail into their version of New York[At this point i just wanna talk about GTAIV, but lets stay on track].

    I can’t really agree with what most people are saying, since i do like PROTOTYPE, but i have to agree and say that inFAMOUS has a lot of aspects that are better than PROTOTYPE’s.

    Personally, i do love the whole electricity power thing, but it seems it doesn’t have much variants from shooting thunderbolts. I’m sure Cole has tons of different ways to control thunder, but still, it seems it lacks possibilities.

    Shape shifting, on the other hand, has indefinite possibilities, being that you can change in whatever you want and you are a weapon yourself(well, its not that deep in-game, but think of it this way; If you had the choice to have either ability of shape shifting, or the ability to control electricity in real life, which one could you be more imaginative with?)

    Now what i have to agree with about PROTOTYPE, is that it lacked imagination. I’m sure if it were Ubisoft who would’ve made this game, it would have been game of the year easily. But it seems the job on this game was rushed. This game would have been much better if it had been under development longer, like lets say, 4-6 months longer. If at least they would’ve put more time and effort on this game, it would’ve been much better.

    I know from all of what i said, my opinion stands vague. But what i am trying to say is: they both have their pros and cons, but it depends on the player’s standards. Personally, from my standards, i prefer PROTOTYPE. I know it lacks fluidity and depth when it comes to graphics, game play(and combos), but I’m pretty sure this is only the seed of what is to be an excellent sequel.

    PS: IF Radical Entertainment sells/trades/gives the [PROTOTYPE] franchise(if its a franchise, because my dictionary didn’t help me much on this) to a better developer, I’m sure the whole PROTOTYPE game idea will flourish to a much better experience than PROTOTYPE is now, which even disapointing, i love.

  13. well, personally, i really prefer [prototype]… i havent played inFamous, but actually i really want to play it to make a huge contrast between the two. the worst thing in inFamous is that, it’s only for that shit PS3… well, im planning to have ps3 soon, but im playing prototype in pc… prototype in pc seems more comfortable to play, unlike in console versions. another thing, you heard “console versions” huh? well, prototype is more portable let’s say… there’s a copy for ps3, x360 and pc!!! xDDD

    here’s more, i love the character alex mercer… why? he’s cool… acting like a villain or what… it’s like a psychological action something game, since the character itself doesn’t know a lot about himself, what happened to him, or something… the best thing i think, is the character looks… yeah, the hoody thing… think about it, it seems like alex listens to death metal or hardcore punk something ehehehe… the looks matters… so, whenever i play prototype, i always put on heavy metal and punk sounds to make it more interesting… no offense, but the character of inFamous looks a bit, nerdy? or ben ten-like? it’s boring i think…

    for gfx, i dont think or not sure if inFamous’ graphics is better than prototype… think about this: why is it that infamous wasn’t released in x360 or pc??? a) because the gfx of infamous is really really something GOOD that x360 and pc can’t handle it??? or b) because the developers of infamous are a bit lazy that they won’t make a port of it? so think, is ps3’s graphics cpu is better than PCs??? is the nVidia rsx [ps3] better than nvidia 8800gt, 9800gt, 9800×2, ati radeon hd4850, hd4870x2, hd4890??? im serious…

    so cmon, prototype is really something… if you think and think more, looks like inFamous is released in “RUSH” state more than the prototype, that they cant release it too in x360 or pc…it’s like they release it BEFORE radical ent released prototype…

    so, who’s weak???

    [note: no offense, but i’ll try to play inFamous soon…and that will be the judgement”]

    • bcraggen Says:

      The reason its only for PS3 is because to have all the nice textures and details it had to be on the PS3’s blu-ray technology, which can hold 50GB, where as 360 disks can only hold 8GB. I dont know about the PC game disks, but that is why its PS3 exclusive, they probably should have made a “Dumbed Down” version for the 360 if they wanted more money, but it would have looked like DOOM 2. I actually prefer inFamous over prototype, just because Alex is so unemotional that I really don’t care about him. and yes i have both. Gameplay for prototype is very very boring after half an hour or so. inFamous has some repetitive side missions like dark water or counter-surveillance, but there are some really cool ones like the conduit that disguised himself as a civilian or the one where u have to kill this random pedestrian but one of my favorite ones is where u go up to the mission guy and he says “My brothers and I have prepared a little party for you.” then he turns into a conduit and teleports to a gang of reapers that come out of nowhere. Whereas in Prototype the side missions really arent fun or useful to complete, they just give u extra exp.

  14. r3dmist Says:

    While all of u have ur opinions and support them well, i have to say [PROTOTYPE] is better.
    1) Alex is perfect in his role due to the whole story. If u woke up, had all that power, and wanted to find out what happened, would u act any differently? what do u want him to do? cry?
    2) While inFamous has an awesome parkour system (just like Assassins Creed, which was beautiful), the actual combat system is too simple and repetitive. there isnt really any move variety whereas [PROTOTYPE] has all these different powers with different strengths and weaknesses for use in different situations. [PROTOTYPE] has a far more exciting and intuitive combat system
    3) If u were walking down the street with zombies running around killing people and the military gunning everything down would u not run? and to disagree with previous comments the citizens of manhattan are not running around all the time in the game, just when they see someone get thrown down the block or consumed or the like. otherwise they go about their business
    4) Now on to the graphics. inFamous has AMAZING graphics for a sandbox game. thats an undeniable truth. but take into consideration WHY [PROTOTYPE] doesnt have similar graphics. If u could cause all the destruction to ur environment in inFamous like u could in [PROTOTYPE] then the graphics wouldnt be near as good. So in truth [PROTOTYPE] has really good graphics because cars take damage and its not the same dent in every car, the ground cracks and breaks due to heavy impact, lightpoles, trees, etc break. If [PROTOTYPE] didnt have to keep up with all the collateral damage then the textures would be much more detailed, but it would take away from the feeling of causing ultimate destruction and, in turn, go against the whole plot.
    5) The plot. Alex Mercer wakes up not remembering a thing but has all these awesome powers. now he goes on a rampage to find what happened. ok, slightly cliched, oh well.
    Then theres Cole. Delivering a package when it blows up, giving him powers (yet another story where the protagonist accidentally gets powers, Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, etc) to control electricity. city is overrun by different gangs which u fight (remind u of any other sandbox game? GTA San Andreas perhaps?).
    So really neither has an original plot, though [PROTOTYPE]’s is slightly more original. However it could have been much more in-depth given a little longer in developement.


    • r3dmist Says:

      i meant third person, not first

    • bcraggen Says:

      umm 1. i wouldnt be a douchebag and kill every single person in sight for teh lulz, 2. ive played/own both and prototype is boring is hell, run slash run slash. or occasionally use hulk-hands, 3. when i say all people do is panic, i mean they just run around no matter where they are, that would be like me going outside and running around screaming with my neighbors like WTF? 4. inFamous has the shock grenades, which cause cars to explode almost instantly, megawatt hammer, when he jumps of a building and lands the ground also cracks, and 5. Cole didnt get his powers accidentally, *SPOILER* Kessler traveled back in time to make cole get the ray-sphere, SPECIFICALLY COLE not some other random person. and in San Andreas the gangs dont teleport, have telekinesis, or control big magma throwing machines!

  15. I can answer your questions easily:

    1) I wouldn’t go around slaughtering innocent people, that’s for sure. Of course I’d want to get to the bottom of why I was turned, but what does that have to do with mercilessly slaughtering the hundreds upon hundreds of New Yorkers that are just going about their business? In inFAMOUS, if I wanted, I could kill or save the people of the city, and the story would actually reflect that decision. In Prototype, it’s just as shallow as the game experience in that your actions have literally NO ramifications on how people respond to you in the narrative, and outside of it.

    2) Combat is only repetitive in inFAMOUS if you have no creativity. I’ve done incredible combos and don’t just rely on the standard fire attack. Prototype has more moves, but how useful are they in combat? They are also not very intuitive to use, and constantly having to go into the menu to switch up styles just isn’t as smooth as having all of your abilities available to you at the push of a button, like inFAMOUS has.

    3) I’m not sure what you’re getting at here, but I think, yes, I would run if the city was in a panic, but in the non-infected areas of Prototype, citizens still spaz out 95% of the time, and you have ZERO interaction with them outside of slaughtering them. They are simply there to be fodder for your rage. It gets old and boring after a while.

    4) What can you destroy in Protoype? You can’t level buildings (damage the outer hull, yes, but not level). You can pick up and throw vehicles, which is no different than the ability to Force Push vehicles in inFAMOUS when it comes to them blowing up. The character models in Prototype are bland and flat, while in inFAMOUS, they certainly are quite a bit better (though not mind-blowing by any stretch, although Cole’s character model is quite awesome).

    Visually, inFAMOUS has better controls, better visuals, a better story, a more unique, original city, better lighting, and better animation. It really is no comparison. Prototype is shallow, uninspired, and frustrating to play. it had promise, and i was really excited for it, but when i finally got to sit down and play it, after having beat inFAMOUS two times at the time, I can simply say that Prototype is the better.

  16. i meant “inFAMOUS is the better game” (i’m at work and someone was talking to me while i was typing).

  17. r3dmist Says:

    well lets see. im pretty sure u destroy a couple buildings in the story missions. and in [PROTOTYPE] u dont just throw cars. they actually take damage. and to quote u, “how useful are they in combat?” wtf? theyre all useful, except maybe the claws. hammerfist is slow but powerful, used for tanks mostly. blade is an all purpose weapon, no special uses but no weaknesses either. whipfist, good for killing military due to is wide area of effect, plus for jacking helicopters. armor is, well thats obvious. shield is for extra defense when ur tryin to run and not fight.
    now u talk about zero interaction with the ppl besides slaughtereing them. in inFamous u get to heal ppl. yea. awesome. lemme go buy the game now cuz theres sick ppl on the ground.
    [PROTOTYPE] is better. but its all opinion anyways so we can debate this til time indefinite and it wont make a difference. if u want a third person shooter with parkour thrown in the mix (sounds kinda like Uncharted 2) then inFamous is ur game. if u want chaos and destruction (sounds like Hulk: Ultimate Destruction) then [PROTOTYPE] is for u.

  18. i feel this a biased review to say inFAMOUS had better graphics is someting that would come from a biased author, I feel that inFAMOUS’ comic book style is lazy. To say that one thinks PROTOTYPE’s dialogue is blaned, sounds like somen didn’t play the game, Alex Mercer is just a disguise of the prototype he dosn’t actually have emotion. By the wy i agree that inFAMOUS is a better game than [PROTOTYPE].

  19. lilboydeath Says:

    to point out a few things
    1 u don’t absolutely HAVE to slaughter innocent people in [prototype]. you can walk by people with out killing or absorbing them. when you don’t freak them out the go on to work or walk around or anything, and the people have more depth because in infamous THEIR OPINION ON COLE MATTERS. mercer doesn’t care what the people think about him because he doesn’t have time to worry about that stuff, he’s too busy being attacked by EVERYBODY

    2 almost all of alex mercers attacks are use for something different. claws for normal people (the special attack with them is very helpful after its upgraded a little bit) hammer fists for tanks, strong arms when you need heavy attacks at long distance, whip fist if u want lighter attacks at long distance or to jack vehicles quickly, or even if u need to hide from the angela greene boss and heal, and the swordarm is for heavy attacks and general chaos. as for picking up guns, theres a few enemies (like the hunters before you get the better transformations like swodarm or strong arm) that u almost NEED missle launchers to kill, or for enemies u can’t pull over and can’t even aproach wt out gettin damage or being detected (super soldiers poison gas dispensers infection detecters… ) so unless you have the guns your screwed when u attack them just depends on your ability to notice that for them all to be useful

    3 theres more to prototype than killing everyone, sneaking into military basses to get better skills r to draw certain people out in some missions requires more than killing everything.

    4 of coarse u can’t level any building in the game, it would be impossible to keep a storyline if someone destroyed every building in the city. but u can destroy basses and hives which means u DO destroy buildings and for throwing cars, u can carry them around in prototype so u can get a better shot at the enemy, in infamous u can push cars yeah but they’ll explode if u do it too much and u can’t aim your tosses as well

    i haven’t finished either game yet but from the stuff i’ve seen prototype has less grafics but more freedom and of coarse theres not very original stories, most good storylines have been running since movies were made

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