Shadow of Destiny Heading To The PSP


Konami revealed today plans of bringing 2001 mystery title, Shadow of Destiny (Shadow of Memories outside of the US) to the Playstation Portable in Japan on October 1st this year. No word on a US release date yet.

No details were given about potential improvements or enhancements, but for those that don’t know, Shadow of Destiny follows the story of Eike Kusch, who is brutally murdered one day while taking a stroll.

Fortunately for Eike, instead of that being the end of his tale, his transported to an afterlife of sorts, where he meets the mysterious Homonculus, who grants Eike the ability to travel back to the time before his death and attempt to prevent it.

The game features no combat whatsoever, and gameplay consists of talking to people from different time periods in an attempt to avoid Eike’s grizzly fate. Make that fates, as the killer continues to murder Eike at the start of each chapter, and he must once again travel back in time to prevent each instance before they can occur.

There are great twists and turns, and 5 unique endings. It is one of my favorite Playstation 2 games, and I still have the title in my collection, and play it occasionally, just for kicks.

I’m really looking forward to the PSP version, and will bring you more updates as they are available.


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