Fat Princess Review


Platform: Playstation Network (PS3)

Genre: Action/Adventure

Players: 1 (Offline) 32 (Online)

Developer: Titan Studios/Sony Santa Monica

MSRP: $14.99 (USD)

It is pretty rare that I fall in love with a game before I even get my hands on it, and even rarer when the game plays and feels exactly how I imagined it would feel when I finally did get my hands on it. Fat Princess is such a game.

I was sold on the game the moment I heard it’s over the top, silly, and yet utterly unique premise: A 32 player online multi-player game in which two teams consisting of 16 people each battle each other to rescue their princess from the other team. Simple enough, but that’s not all. The opposing team, in order to make it even more difficult to have the princess taken from them, have stuffed the princess full of cake, making her, well, fat. More than fat, actually. The once dainty, quite petite royalty is roughly the size of a barge when all is said and done.

I didn’t even have to see the game to know it was full of win, truth told. The adorable, instantly iconic art style just added to the game’s appeal.
The primary game mode of Fat Princess is what was noted above: a Capture the Flag game mode where the “flag” is a fat princess.

On top of this game mode are four others: 10 chapter single player campaign, Snatch ‘n Grab, Team Deathmatch, and Invasion. There’s even a fun soccer mode you can play, complete with mayhem in the stands, as well as on the field.

Snatch n’ Grab has players attempting to rescue their princess from the enemy, while they stuff her full of cake, and the player’s team does the same.

Invasion is a mode where players must capture towers set up across one of 8 very distinct, colorful maps.

The single player campaign is simply a run through of the different game modes, tied together by a silly, cute story told children’s book style, complete with stuffy British narrator.

To add a bit more flavor to the game (no pun intended), developer Titan Studios implemented a simple class system for players to have a bit more customizability beyond just altering the look of their character (you can unlock more options for your character’s look as the game progresses).
Fat Princess 3
There are 5 classes in all: Mage, Priest, Ranger, Warrior, and Worker. Each class has a primary skill, and a secondary skill that can be unlocked during gameplay when the Worker class has gathered enough material (wood and ore scattered across the maps) to upgrade the “Hat stations” where players can grab a hat to pick a class (and subsequently change their class to a new one if they wish). Each primary and secondary skill has a charged attack that does greater damage (and sometimes area of effect attacks).

The Mage can blast enemies with Fireballs as his/her primary attack, and freeze enemies with his secondary attack.

The Priest has a primary ability that heals allies, and a secondary ability that drains the life from enemies.

The Ranger has a primary bow and arrow attack, and uses a gunpower rifle for his secondary.

The Warrior uses a sword and shield as his primary, and a long halberd as his secondary.

The Worker uses his axe to chop down trees and mine for ore (and attack enemies of course), and his secondary ability throws bombs at enemies.

If a player does not wear a skill hat, they can simply run around and smack enemies with their fists, stunning them.
Fat Princess 4
As if that wasn’t enough, there are also a few items scattered around the levels like bombs produced by an upgraded Worker station, which can be used to hurt enemies and blow up the doors to the enemy castle, and also Potions produced by the Mage station, which causes a status effect on enemies that generally causes massive damage to them.

On some levels, there are also catapults, ladders, and springboards that can be built by Workers to be utilized during matches.

On the gameplay front, the game feels exactly like I imagined: the controls are responsive, the combat is fast and frantic, and you just can’t help but smile while playing the game and barking orders to team mates.

The single player game is more of a lengthy tutorial, but is also no less fun, even though the computer controlled allies can be a little slow to respond to your needs (you can ask for help and taunt using the digital pad).

Graphically, the game looks fantastic, with stylized visuals, and a surprising amount of blood and gore (which can be turned off for more squeemish players). It absolutely shines on an HDTV, with simple, yet sharp texture work and vivid colors.
Fat Princess 5
On the surface, the game seems like it could be just mindless fun, and in a lot of ways it is, but when a team of players start coordinating their classes, and working together as a unit, it becomes surprisingly strategic.

In my playtime with the game, I had an absolute blast, and I can definitely see myself whiling away more than just a few nights on this excellent title.

VERDICT: BUY: At $14.99 you get a lot of game, and a lot of fun. Humor, color visuals that look great in HD, and simple gameplay with a surprising amount of depth and strategy hidden within. An instant multi-player classic thanks to it’s fresh take on tried and true multi-player gameplay.


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