GamesCon 2009: Sony Press Conference

Just because I’m not in Germany doesn’t mean I can’t bring you all the latest developments from Sony at their press conference at GamesCon.

The presser doesn’t kick off until 9:30AM PST, so keep refreshing this page. Of course, since it’s Sony we’re talking about, I’m pretty convinced the whole event won’t kick off until 10:00 if we’re lucky. The conference slated to be 3 hours long, so I’m expecting a plethora of Playstation related news.

First updates:

Playstation HOME

*Singstar is getting a Home space.

*Audi Home space is also on the way.

*More animations for your avatar in Home.


*PSN is getting a new look September 1st.

*BBC iplayer is coming to the UK PSN in the future

*Voucher cards are also on the way to the UK, so users won’t need a credit card to purchase content off the PSN

*Video download service extending to more PAL territories in November


*Digital reader coming to PSP later this year. Will support content such as the wide catalog of Marvel comics.

*Loco Roco: Midnight Carnival, and Eye of Judgment PSP are on the showfloor.

*New section on PS Store will have games that are not allowed to be larger than 100mb.

*For early UK and Pal PSP Go registrants, they will recieve a free copy of Gran Turismo PSP.


*New firmware coming, 3.0 (I’ll detail it further in another post. Lots of nice new features.

*PS3 Slim Announced – Will be 33% smaller, 30% lighter, feature a 120gig HDD, and retail for $299. The current PS3 available now will also drop to $299.  The Slim will be available September 1st.

And that’s a wrap! It was an understated conference, but that PS3 price drop has been a long time coming, and the new model is hitting sooner than I think anyone anticipated.


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