From Softwares New Game is Pixel Art Perfection

3D Dot Heroes

From Software is publishing a new PS3 game, and it’s anything but traditional. Developed by Silicon Studio and titled “3D Dot Game Heroes,” the game is a classic styled RPG with a twist. Instead of 2D sprites, the game is made up of, well, 3D Sprites (see screenshot above).

The king of the as of yet unnamed world decides that instead of being 2D, he’d be much happier of the world was 3D instead. Unfortunately, something gets lost in translation, and he ends up with what we have here. Not much else is known about the title, but it certainly gets my vote for one of the most novel concepts of the year thus far. It doesn’t have a US release, but it lands in Japan this November.

As you can see from the screens below, the game is looking rather impressive, in all it’s blocky, LEGO like glory, and I’m very intrigued.


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