PS3 Slim Available Officially Now! Xbox 360 Elite Gets Official Price Drop!


Console price cuts have gone into effect for both Sony and Microsoft today, with Sony adding a newly revamped Playstation 3 unit to the price drop to $299.

The Xbox 360 Elite, formerly $350, is now $299 and comes with a headset, wireless controller, and 120gig HDD. Players will need to pay for a subscription to Xbox LIVE to access online gaming.

The Playstation 3 Slim, formerly $399,  is smaller, is $299 and comes with a wireless controller, Blu Ray player, built in Wi Fi adaptor, and 120gig HDD. The system also supports free online play. Also note that all existing Playstation 3 units (dubbed by the internets as PS3 “Fat”), are also now $299.

Go get’em guys!


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