PSP Minis May See PS3 and UMD Release


When Sony unveiled the PSP Go at E3 this year, they also revealed that there will be a new line of games releasing for the revamped handheld that will be smaller (no larger than 100 MB, to make packing as many as possible onto the internal 16gig flash memory the unit is packed with easier), easily accessible, and best of all, cheap (current prices are at $2.99 a game).

Well now word is that the bite size games could possibly make their way to the PSP’s big brother, the PS3, as well as see UMD releases (I’m assuming in a collection, of course). This is coming from SCEE’s Zeno Colaco courtesy of site Develop.

I personally wish that Sony would allow PSP games in general to be played on the PS3, with a PS3 controller. It wouldn’t have to be upscaled any differently than when hooking up a slim PSP to the TV, and I’d certainly buy a lot more PSP games digitally.

Source – Develop


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