God of War 3 Demo Included In This Fall’s God of War Collection


As if it wasn’t awesome enough that the heads at Sony decided to remaster the original 2 God of War games in glorious HD with added Trophy support for a bargain price (that’d be $40), they’ve also revealed today via Playstation Blog that the collection will also pack in the demo for God of War 3. The very same demo that has been showcased at E3, Comi-Con, and PAX.

Each copy of the game will receive a voucher that can be redeemed on the Playstation Network, allowing you access to the demo download.

I was already sold on the collection, but this is certainly more icing on the cake.  Still no release date on when the title will release, but it’s slated for sometime in November this year.

Source – Playstation Blog


2 Responses to “God of War 3 Demo Included In This Fall’s God of War Collection”

  1. I think this is just a cheap trick to sell God of War collection. But wth… God of War is a great game so i can buy it and get GoW3 demo to.

    • i don’t see how it’s a “cheap trick” to sell the GoW Collection since the collection IS an HD remaster of two of the best action/adventure games of last generation, with a 60fps framerate, and Trophies (for those that are into it).

      it most certainly is included to increase sales, but i don’t think it’s a cheap trick. i was going to buy the collection before they announced the demo, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

      there are a LOT of people who have never played a God of War game, and who don’t have BC PS3’s, but are interested in the third, and would like to check out the first two. overall, i think remastered Collections like this is a great idea. i’d love to see a Silent Hill, Kingdom Hearts, Ape Escape, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, and Final Fantasy collection done like this.

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