Tokyo Game Show 2009: Sony Press Conference

Hey folks! Sony finally wrapped up their press conference in Tokyo this afternoon (Japan time, naturally), and here are the highlights.

Gran Turismo will be releasing in March 2010.

Resident Evil 5, Little Big Planet, and more will support the motion controller. The Resident Evil 5 support will be in the form of Resident Evil 5: Directors Cut, releasing Spring 2010. Existing games like Flower, High Velocity Bowling, and EyePet, and Pain will also support the motion controller.

The North American version of White Knight Chronicles will feature voice chat support, which, so far, the Japanese version does not support. White Knight Chronicles also features an editing mode, allowing players to craft their own towns and NPCs to populate it. Very reminiscent of some of the features they used in the Dark Cloud series.

In further news, White Knight Chronicles 2 is hitting Japan in the future. I’m assuming that if the first one does well when it releases next year, we’ll be getting the sequel too.

New Gran Turismo PSP Bundle hitting  and Winning Eleven PSP Bundles hitting Japan this year.

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning PS3 Bundle hitting this year. It’s pink and white and comes with a 250gig HDD.

“ROOM” is coming to PSP. It looks like it’s a chibi version of Playstation Home.

Japanese Mangas and Music are coming to the PSP. Everything from DragonBall to One Piece will be represented. It’d be nice if it had NA and EU support.

And that’s a wrap! Not too shabby! It’s nice to see some release dates for games like GT5, that’s for sure.


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