Deadly Premonition Announced For Xbox 360

Deadly Premonition

Ignition Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing Access Game’s “Deadly Premonition” to Xbox 360 next year.

The survival horror game follows FBI Agent Francis York Morgan, who is investigating a murder in a small town. As you expect, all is not as it seems in the town, and a web of really creepy mystery unravels. Not much else is known about the gameplay other than players will be able to avoid enemies stealthily, or barge in guns blazing.

Check out the teaser trailer at the official site link below. I for one am always up for more survival games (not enough this generation, honestly), so I’ll definitely keep you posted on this intriguing title as more is known.

Link – Official Site


One Response to “Deadly Premonition Announced For Xbox 360”

  1. Normally I’d be excited that there’s more survival horror games coming to the 360. But I’m such a chicken sh_t when it comes to these sorts of games!

    I get *so* immersed in the game that sooner or later the constant suspense and the occasional sudden scare just slay me and I have to put the controller down or step away from the keyboard. LOL 😛

    I’ve played Silent Hill 2 to 4 but only managed to finish Silent Hill 2. X-D

    Deadly Premonition could be one of the good games I never played. 😛

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