Beware of Heavy Rain Spoilers Across The Net

Just thought I’d give an FYI to anyone who happens to stop by here that there are certain individuals on the internet that are going around spoiling the ending to Quantic Dream’s PS3 exclusive murder mystery, Heavy Rain. The perpetrator is creating user names that reveal the name of the killer in Heavy Rain, ie, “XXX is the Killer.”

I’m sorry to say that I was one of the people who had the ending spoiled for them when visiting gaming site

I suggest skipping out on anything related to the game until after you’ve picked it up and completed it. Also beware, there’s a similar story on God of War 3 on N4G, where the same troll, despite having his original profile banned, did the same thing.

I’m thinking of dubbing the guy the “Origami Spoiler,” but I think I’ll go with the much more apt, “Douchebag Asshole.”


One Response to “Beware of Heavy Rain Spoilers Across The Net”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up!

    They may get their laughs now but they don’t even realize that payback is already in the cards. Karma has things planned for such people.

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