Mass Effect 2 Getting New Downloadable Content Via Cerberus Network

Bioware has announced that Mass Effect 2 will be receiving new DLC over the next few months with the first pack, Firewalker, hitting some time next month.

The content will feature five new missions, and the Hammerhead heavy assault vehicle, which “hovers over the battlefield at up to 120 kilometers per hour and features a guided missile system ensuring accuracy even during aggressive maneuvering.”

What’s interesting to note is that the DLC will be free for those gamers who have purchased a new copy of Mass Effect 2, and thus have the redeemable code that came packed into the game that allows them to connect to the Cerberus Network. For anyone who purchased the game used, it will run them $15, or 1200 MS Points.


One Response to “Mass Effect 2 Getting New Downloadable Content Via Cerberus Network”

  1. Yes! Vehicles make a come-back!

    Driving around for resources and some side-quests in ME1 was such a chore, especially with that funky physics engine. But I’m all up for vehicle combat!

    I just hope that they can make the planetscapes a little more interesting and varied this time around.

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