Media Molecule Bought By Sony

Looks like the suits at Sony REALLY loved Little Big Planet, because they just announced today via the European Playstation Blog that they purchased the game’s developer, Media Molecule, making them an official First Party studio of Sony Computer Entertainment.

The acquisition seemed like a no-brainer, given the runaway success of Little Big Planet. Smart move by Sony, and it ensures that Media Molecule will get the backing they need to continue to make excellent games.

Source – Playstation Blog


6 Responses to “Media Molecule Bought By Sony”

  1. evildoomnerd Says:

    Congrats to Mm, but there is this one nagging thought in the back of my mind: Considering that Insomniac Games has a long, proven history of churning out awesome game after game for SCEI for the past 15 YEARS, wouldn’t it make more sense to acquire them by now? Or am I missing a bigger picture here?

  2. the reason why Sony hasn’t acquired Insomniac Games yet is because Insomniac doesn’t WANT to be acquired.

    founder Ted Price has stated that over and over again. they’re a successful studio, and they have a great working relationship with Sony. besides, Sony owns all the IPs that Insomniac have developed for them, so there’s no real reason to acquire them if they’re both happy with the arrangement that’s been standing for 15 years now.

    i can see them acquiring Quantic Dream next, since Heavy Rain was a critical and commercial success, and Quantic Dream is also a motion capture studio. Sony could use it for more than just QD games. David Cage also seems enthusiastic about working with Sony again. afterall, Sony funded Heavy Rain’s development. they supported Cage and QD pretty admirably, and Heavy Rain turned out to be a fantastic product.

    • evildoomnerd Says:

      I see, makes sense. Quantic Dream’s acquirement is a possibility, but judging how SCEI does things, that might take a few years. Indigo Prophecy was a blast so I have no doubts about Heavy Rain, unfortunately I’ll have to put it on the backburner for a month or two, since I am highly anticipating GOW III, Yakuza 3 and Just Cause 2 are around the corner. 2010 is looking good so far…IF the other games for Fall aren’t scared away by the next Call of Duty and Halo Reach.

      • Sony has shown that they don’t seem to give a rats ass about what Infinity Ward or Microsoft is doing.

        i don’t think Halo: Reach is going to scare away ANYTHING. i’m not doubting the game will be solid, i mean, it’s Halo, so at the least, it’ll be fun, but i think Resistance 3 is going to his this fall, using Insomniac’s new engine, and that may turn a few heads. Destination Playstation is coming up soon, so they may reveal it there, but then E3 is this summer and there will definitely be some surprise announcements then.

        i highly recommend Heavy Rain when you get the chance. it’s a truly rare experience, and so far beyond Indigo Prophecy it’s unbelievable, and i loved IP too. God of War 3 is next on my list, and a few others, but i have to balance my gaming budget. GoW3 and Dragon Age: Awakening for my wife are probably going to be my last game purchases for a bit.

  3. evildoomnerd Says:

    Fair point, its just that the last thing I want is a repeat of what MW2 did to quite a few highly anticipated games last year….I don’t think I’ve seen that many titles pushed to 2010 at once. But seriously, is Destination Playstation the same as Playstation Day? I remember SCEI had an annual Playstation Day where they show off some upcoming attractions. Sounds good, Insomniac has never let me down, nor have they made a crappy game. Hopefully Jaffe and his team will show off whatever he’s been working on. Its like he’s been all talk and no results for 3 years now 😛

    • oh no, i totally agree, as quite a few games got pushed because of MW2, but i think that was the gaming industry over-reacting to a large brand release.

      i also love Insomniac games, and don’t understand why they don’t get enough credit. the Ratchets, the Resistance series, they’re so top notch, and are constantly being downplayed.

      anyway, i think the industry went a little overboard with the delays last year, but in truth, i think they used the release of Modern Warfare 2 as an accuse to cover for games that just aren’t ready yet. how many times has Red Dead Redemption been delayed? we should have got that game WAAAAY before MW2 hit.

      franchises like MW2 are hot for about 2 weeks, a month at the most. they reach their prime audience during that time, then peter off for the duration of it’s life cycle.

      other franchise, a lot of Sony franchises, i’ve noticed, have longer legs. they don’t necessarily fly off the charts day one, but they end up amassing high sales in the end. Uncharted 1, in the three years since it’s release, has done over 2 million units. i don’t care much about sales, but i try to be somewhat informed.

      i think, if those publishers were really ready to release games, they could have done so a month or so AFTER MW2 hit.

      i don’t remember when Mass Effect 2 was originally scheduled to release, but i don’t think it was pushed back to avoid MW2 if it had an earlier release. that game came out when it was done.

      i don’t think games like Red Dead, Just Cause 2 and others were ready for release. Bioshock 2 could have stood on it’s own, considering how well received the first was.

      there’s always more than just a black and white interpretation in the gaming industry. most of it is a lot shadier than the industry likes us to believe (i know this first hand from working at various developers/publishers over the years).

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