Stefano’s E3 2014 Report Part 6: Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS

Ok, let me first preface this by saying that I did not win a shirt playing Super Smash Bros. Wii U. I really, really wanted that shirt…


Ahem. So, The line surrounding the dozen or so kiosks running Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS at the Nintendo booth this year was insane. I didn’t actually think I’d get a chance to play, as crowds of people were waiting their turn at the latest entry to Nintendos very successful, and adored mascot brawler. How did it fare to its predecessors? Read on to find out.


I’m a big Smash Bros. fan, but I admit that I never owned a Wii, so I missed out on the third entry in the series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I vowed not to miss another Smash Bros. game, and fortunately, Nintendo must have heard my cries and saw fit to bless me with not only a brand now, shiny HD Wii U version (which will eventually push me over the cliff to actually buying a Wii U), but a cutesy little cell shaded 3DS version as well! My 3DS thanks you, Nintendo.

The first thing I noticed when entering the Nintendo booth was the game being projected onto a gigantic screen in the far back wall of their designated E3 corner. In front of the screen was a platform where the combatants were comfortably sitting, beating each others brains out with Kirby, Samus, and newcomers Little Mac, from the Punch Out series, and Mega Man. After marveling at the crisp, colorful visuals, and signature music, I waited in line at one of the many kiosks to get my turn at the game.

My first attempt to win a T-shirt (you see, winners of a match were given a Smash Bros. T-shirt for their mad skills), ended disastrously, as I not only picked the unfamiliar Little Mac, but was also reminded at what it’s like to not play a Smash Brothers in game in, literally, 5 or 6 years, and attempt to fight with people who have clearly been keeping up with the series. With that said, Little Mac was fast, smooth to control, and had some great attacks, using his fists with lightning speed to take out foes. I still lost. No T-shirt for me, sadly.

But did I give up?! No! Of course not! After moving to a new kiosk, I decided to try my hand at the game again, this time using a character I was all too familiar with from my Melee days; Link. During the practice round, I found myself falling back into a familiar rhythm of using Link’s diverse arsenal of weapons and trusty sword and shield to make short work of my opponents. And I won! The practice round. I was feeling rather good about myself when we moved on to round 2, and the chance to win the T-shirt. The stage was unfamiliar to me. We were soaring above the world map of Nintendo’s charming RPG, Earthbound, on floating platforms, jumping around, throwing bombs, boomerangs, and Smash attacks left and right to get the upper hand. My mojo decided to leave me, and I was defeated, by that pesky Villager from Animal Crossing. The victor collected his T-shirt token, while I scowled at him from the shadows.

I couldn’t let my time with Smash Brothers end without a T-shirt, however! My obsession drove me to the third and final kiosk, in which I once again commanded Link against, much to my dismay, some pretty absurdly good Smash players. After being schooled yet again, I finally gave up my quest to win that damn T-shirt. As for the game? It’s Smash Bros! It’s fast, fun, with tight controls and charming graphics and music, wrapped up in a slick presentation that screams “Nintendo.” The 3DS version differed only in the fact that it sported a nifty cell shaded graphical style, otherwise, it was just as fluid and fun as it’s console big brother. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the October 3rd 3DS release, and perhaps the game may have finally swayed me to pick up a Wii U as well, when it releases this holiday.



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