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Fanart: The PAAKT

Posted in Gaming - Fan Art with tags , , , , on June 29, 2009 by Stefano Terry

Hey everybody! I know I promised to make up for Friday’s non-gaming post with a new feature, but sadly, it’s not quite ready yet. So to make it up for you, I’ve posted a fanart pic I drew a few years back for a comic strip me and my wife were playing around with.

The strip is called The PAAKT, which stands for “The Prince, Alucard, and Kratos Tales,” and follows the exploits of three of gamings badasses, The Prince of Persia (from the PS2/Xbox trilogy), Alucard of Castlevania fame, and of course, the God of War himself, Kratos.

The piece below was a “teaser” of sorts for the strip. I’ve only finished two pages, as it was more of a side project done for fun, and not a real serious strip, which is why the art is extremely loose, with no thought to things like perspective and anatomical accuracy. She wrote the words, I drew the strip. The two pages can be found at the link under the drawing. Hope you like!

Link – The PAAKT, pg 1
Link – The PAAKT, pg 2


Little Big Planet “MGS Level Pack,” Features new Trophies, Paintball Gun

Posted in Editorials, Game Videos, Gaming - Fan Art, Industry, News, PC, Photos, Playstation 3, PSN, Screenshots, Spike VGAs, Xbox 360 with tags , , , on December 19, 2008 by Stefano Terry

MGS4 Level Pack
The folks over at PS3 Fanboy have some very intriguing news regarding the recently revealed Metal Gear Solid Level Pack set for release in the near future.

The pack will not only feature costumes of your favorite MGS4 characters, and pieces to construct a Metal Solid Gear style level, replete with stickers, but the Level Pack will also boast a new set of Trophies, and more intriguing, a new paintball gameplay mechanic. That’s right, your Sackboy/girl will now be able to pack some firepower to take out foes with.
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New Feature: Fan Art

Posted in Gaming - Fan Art with tags , , , , , on December 11, 2008 by Stefano Terry

I’m initiating a new feature for our site. Please post your fan art.

I’ll start things off with a piece I did not too long ago.


Here’s hoping Media Molecule and Sony offer this up as some DLC in the near future.

So there you go, send us some of your favorite pieces of fan art! I’ll post them as I get them! By the way, it doesn’t have to be just gaming fanart!

Artwork by yours truly.